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about 'Falconry and Al-Qaeda'

commentary by the Union for the Conservation of Raptors, below:

May 25, 2006:  Investigative journalist Mr. Lee Kaplan reports on the discoveries of 'The Union for the Conservation of Raptors', on U.S. "allies" from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, hosting al-Qaeda's leaders as V.I.P. guests during lavish month-long falconry hunts across Central Asia.

The U.S. State Department has a history of providing essential cover to falcon smugglers and the Gulf royal falconry camps where al-Qaeda's terrorists arrive to recieve essential material support.  The U.A.E. Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed has also contacted the State Department to demand that the U.S. government fire it's own whistleblowers, who uncovered the dark truths behind these camps.  The U.S. Ambassador Alphonse LaPorta is among the State Department's ill-advised agent provocateurs, whose operational fingerprints are found on years of Evidentiary Exhibits that estabished the royal falconry camps as al-Qaeda's preferred meeting venue.

The United Arab Emirates paid and directed Mohammed al-Qahtani , a falconer for Osama bin Laden, who is also known as the "20th hijacker" on 9/11.  It is believed that the 28 pages redacted from the '9/11 Commission Report' refer to the United Arab Emirates hosting Osama bin Laden as their special guest, during royal falconry hunts.  If so, the presumptive status of the United Arab Emirates as a U.S. "ally", needs to be publicly re-examined.

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