U.C.R. 'In the News': The John Batchelor Show

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February 24, 2006:  Mr. John Batchelor, the acclaimed host of the 'John Batchelor Show' , interviews 'The Union for the Conservation of Raptors' about the plight of rare wild falcons at the hands of Middle East falconers, who are today's royal sheikhs, princes, and political leaders from the Arabian Gulf.

Industrial-scale falconry hunts, utilizing thousands of illegally-smuggled falcons, are causing the regional extinction of Gyrfalcons and Saker falcons across ex-Soviet Asia. Their prey, the Houbara Bustard is also perilously endangered, along with Golden Eagles which Arab falconers shoot by the thousands, each hunting season.

Captive-breeding farms that produce hundreds of mongrelized non-native farm falcons, are also selling their falcons to the Gulf Arabs, who release these birds into nature, where they interbreed with wild falcons.  Escaped and released farm falcons are causing fatal 'genetic pollution'  to wild falcon genomes, which are consequently destroyed forever.

Please join  U.C.R., sign the petitions , and lend your support  to save these magnificent avian predators, who share the top of the food chain with humans.