U.C.R. 'In the News': The Jeff Katz Show

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Commentary by the Union for the Conservation of Raptors, below:

May 24, 2006:  Mr. Jeff Katz who is the host of the  'Jeff Katz Show'  interviews his guests, Messrs. Lee Kaplan and Alan Howell Parrot, about today's royal Arabian falconry camps in Central Asia where al-Qaeda's leaders and weapons merchants are hosted as V.I.P. guests by U.S. "allies" from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

A leading journalist who is reknowned for his investigations into al-Qaeda's terror infrastructure, Mr. Kaplan   has uncovered breaking news regarding the 28 pages blacked out and redacted from the '9/11 Commission Report', that refer to the political leaders of the United Arab Emirates hosting Osama bin Laden in their lavish falconry camps.

Mr. Kaplan reports on his research into U.C.R.'s campaign to oppose and publicly expose these royal falconry camps, as proven venues where Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. provide material support to terrorists.  As "Al-Qaeda's Boardroom" where attacks against the United States are facilitated, these camps need to be shut down now.

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