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about 'Al-Qaeda's Boardroom: the Gulf Royal Falconry Camps':

commentary by the Union for the Conservation of Raptors, below:

May 21, 2006:  Investigative journalist Mr. Lee Kaplan reports on the discoveries of 'The Union for the Conservation of Raptors' about political leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates hosting Osama bin Laden during month-long hunting forays across Central Asia.

In 1999 Mr. Richard Clarke saved the lives of Osama bin Laden and the UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed in one such falconry camp.  After saving the lives of these terrorists, Sheikh Hamdan's full-brother, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed authorized the purchase of 80 F-16 fighter jets from Mr. Clarke, in a deal worth U.S. $6.4 billion. 

U.C.R. principles captured the Saudi Arabian Ambassador Prince Bandar in Washington, D.C., smuggling falcons through the Saudi Embassy during OPERATION FALCON .  

U.C.R. is in Washington, D.C. seeking Pelly Amendment trade sanctions against countries that supply and support al-Qaeda's falconry camps, organized by Gulf royals.  

Mr. Kaplan who is the founder of DAFKA, is counted among the most forward-thinking members of the Jewish community.  He is tirelessly working for the security of Israel and the United States.

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