U.C.R. 'In the News': FOX News XM Radio

'The John Gibson Show'
Interviews U.C.R. About al-Qaeda's Royal Falconry Camps
and the Management of U.S. Border-Ports by the United Arab Emirates

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February 24, 2006:  Mr. John Gibson, host of 'The John Gibson Show' , interviews 'The Union for the Conservation of Raptors' about al-Qaeda's leaders making seasonal pilgrimages to the royal falconry camps, hosted by U.S. 'allies' from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Both the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia continue to use government aircraft and diplomats for the dual-purpose of smuggling contraband falcons and material support, into these royal falconry hunting camps without passport and border controls.

The United Arab Emirates is not qualified to control U.S. border-ports.  Furthermore,  the U.A.E. has repeatedly disqualified itself, as an untrustworthy and law-breaking nation, incapable of managing U.S. border controls with transparency and accountability. The U.A.E. role in fighting today's 'Web of Terror' is often selectively conditional, and subject to a political agenda that is in opposition to the security interests of the United States.

Even if one can overlook the U.A.E. as a launching pad for two of the 911 hijackers, and if one can forgive the U.A.E. as a venue for providing material support, banking services, and diplomatic recognition to al-Qaeda's Taliban ... today's political leaders of the United Arab Emirates continue to violate with impunity, the United Nations CITES treaty, along with the national laws of ex-Soviet/Asian countries where they operate the royal falconry camps. 

These falconry camps are al-Qaeda's 'Board room', where terrorists arrive each year as VIP guests, to recieve cars, cash and weapons. These are the camps where Richard Clarke's actions saved the life of the U.A.E. Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed and his VIP guests Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, when Mr. Clarke aborted a planned CIA bombing of the camp.  After the lives of these terrorists were saved, Mr. Clarke was able to 'close the deal'  for the sale of eighty F-16 jets worth U.S. $6.4 billion, to the United Arab Emirates.