Mr. Richard Clarke - the U.S. 'Terrorism Czar'

Clarke Fails to Make Full Disclosures About al-Qaeda Falconry Camps to the '911 Commission' Richard Clarke's Actions Saved Usama bin Laden's Life.
Mr. Clarke's UAE F-16 Jet Deal Followed.

Read about U.C.R.'s recent public disclosures on Richard Clarke's actions, that resulted in Usama bin Laden's life being saved when UBL was hunting with U.S. 'allies' who are today's political leaders representing the United Arab Emirates. 

The same UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, whom Richard Clarke 'tipped off' about an imminent CIA plan to bomb Usama bin Laden, later 'signed the check' for a U.S. $6.4 billion sale of eighty F-16 jets, in a weapons deal brokered by Mr. Clarke.

Richard Clarke SAVED THE LIFE of Usama bin Laden.
Here Are The Progression of Events:

1) Richard Clarke tips off Sheikh Mohammed about a CIA plan to bomb a royal falconry camp in Afghanistan where Usama bin Laden is a V.I.P. guest of the U.A.E. Foreign Minister,
2) Sheikh Mohammed contacts his full-brother, the U.A.E. Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamdan, to warn him about the CIA plan,
3) all the terrorists in the falconry camp escape within two days,
4) the lives of the world's most dangerous al-Qaeda and U.A.E. terrorists are saved,
5) Sheikh Mohammed himself authorizes and 'signs the contract' to purchase eighty F-16 jets from Richard Clarke.

During the '911 Commission' hearings, Richard Clarke swore that he was authorized to tell Sheikh Mohammed about the plan to bomb the camp.  But the CIA testified that they never authorized Mr. Clarke to leak this information to the U.A.E.

Mr. Clarke did not publicly disclose to the '9/11 Commission', that Sheikh Mohammed whom he 'tipped off', is the very same man who consumated his F-16 jet deal.  Mr. Clarke did not publicly disclose that the U.A.E. Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamdan was hosting that falconry camp.

The same UAE sheikhs who host al-Qaeda leaders as V.I.P. guests in elite royal hunting camps, are now preparing to administer and control U.S. border-ports.

Click here for the slide show featuring Richard Clarke (pages 13, 14, 15) and al-Qaeda's falconry camps.  And, more to come on these royal falconry camps, known as the 'Money Camps'  .

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