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about Falconry and al-Qaeda:

Commentary by the Union for the Conservation of Raptors, below:

June 20, 2006:  Reporting for FrontPageMag, journalist Mr. Paul Sperry interviewed U.C.R. on March 14 about princes and sheikhs from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, hosting Osama bin Laden in royal falconry camps across ex-Soviet Asia. In his story Mr. Sperry also investigates CAIR which represents Islamic interests in the United States.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are both paying vast sums of money to CAIR, in a concerted  effort to redeem the image of two countries that have a long history supplying al-Qaeda with cars, cash, and weapons during month-long falconry hunting forays in Central Asia.

The results of Mr. Sperry's examination of these topics are reported in this FrontPageMag story.

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