Falconry and al-Qaeda

al-Qaeda's 'Board Room':
- the Saudi / UAE Royal Falconry Camps -

The "9/11 Commission Report" reports on the UAE "Desert Camp" , corroborating U.C.R.’s dossier on sheikhs and princes who are today's political leaders representing Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, hosting Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri as V.I.P. guests in royal falconry hunting camps across Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkmenistan.

The full story is yet to be told about the ‘Money Camps’ , where al-Qaeda’s leaders arrive each Fall, Winter, and Spring to hunt with falcons – as V.I.P. guests of our allies from the Arabian Gulf, who supply al-Qaeda’s leaders with cars, cash, weapons, and medical care during month-long falconry hunting forays.

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"Intel Summit Touches on Saddam tapes, al-Qaeda Falconry Camps"

The Union for the Conservation of Raptors presented breaking news on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the U.A.E. Minister of Defense and Ruler of Dubai, as being responsible for U.A.E. government-owned C-130 military transport aircraft sent into the falconry hunting camps that host al-Qaeda's leaders as V.I.P. guests - including Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri - during month-long hunts.  Dubai is the same Emirate that seeks to control U.S. border-ports, in a deal that is rumored to be driven by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

U.C.R. was first to present breaking news on the actions of Richard Clarke, which preserved the lives of Osama bin Laden and his host, the U.A.E. Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed, when U.A.E. leaders spent one month entertaining and falcon hunting with al-Qaeda terrorists.  After Richard Clarke 'tipped off' Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and aborted a CIA-planned bombing of that falconry camp, Mr. Clarke consumated a U.S. $ 6.4 billion contract-sale of eighty F-16 jets that were purchased by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, the full-brother of Sheikh Hamdan.

The First Evidentiary Proof:
the UAE Gave Material Support and Paid Money to 9/11 Hijackers

Mohammed Mani Ahmed al-Shallan al-Qahtani - 'Detainee 063'

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the Interrogation Log of 'Detainee 063' at Guantanamo Bay

Mohammed al-Qahtani    was a falcon-trapper who smuggled falcons directly to royal sheikhs of the United Arab Emirates.   As he was also the falconry-hunting companion of Osama bin Laden, al-Qahtani was ultimately captured alive by U.S. forces in Tora Bora.  Activities of Mr. al-Qahtani were paid and directed by the highest-ranking UAE sheikhs. (read the transcript, above)

Al-Qahtani is also the '20th suicide hijacker' who was designated by Osama bin Laden and Khaled Sheikh Mohammed to seize US aircraft on 9/11.  But during August 2001, al-Qahtani was refused entry into the United States when he flew to Florida's Orlando Airport, where Mohammed Atta eagerly awaited his arrival in the parking lot. After being refused entry into the United States, al-Qahtani returned to meet his handlers in the United Arab Emirates. He later flew to Afghanistan where he was captured by U.S. forces, when he attempted to flee Tora Bora in December, 2001. 

Mohammed al-Qahtani was shipped to Guantanamo Bay two months later.  Mr. al-Qahtani who is currently designated as "Detainee 063", ranks among the most highly valued - albeit hostile - Saudi Arabian information resources detained at Guantanamo Bay.

Evidence held by U.C.R. demonstrates that a ranking official of the United Arab Emirates government knew in advance about the Twin Towers attacks on 9/11, at least two years before the strikes occurred.  This UAE official passed a check to Osama bin Laden during a falconry hunt, on the orders of a UAE political leader.  It is in these traditional, tribal settings of the desert falconry hunting camps, where al-Qaeda prepares tomorrow's terror agenda.

Al-Qaeda’s ‘Board of Directors’ convene in these royal falconry camps.  As al-Qaeda’s de facto ‘Board room’, these falconry camps need to be shut down now. With your help we can accomplish this task, for the sake of international security and wildlife conservation .

The Union for the Conservation of Raptors is requesting Congressional Hearings on the role of U.A.E. political leadership in al-Qaeda's 9/11 terror attacks, in the context of the royal falconry camps as a primary venue for terror planning and material support that is transferred to al-Qaeda. In this regard U.C.R. is on Capitol Hill, building support among key Congressmen and Senators.

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