Save the Falcons - About UCR

UCR is a tax exempt non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, established to preserve this priceless natural resource. UCR’s board members, staff, and supporters include a coalition of retired ambassadors, congressmen, legal reformers, attorneys, scientists, and law enforcement officials.

Since 1981 U.C.R.’s personnel and programs have been defined and financed by a small number of dedicated private donors. Funding was sufficient to implement conservation programs across northern Canada, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

Several U.C.R. personnel work only for expenses, making our overhead rate less than 20%. Seeing a need to expand operations in 2001, U.C.R. incorporated as a tax-exempt 501(c)3. We are now allied with a coalition of retired  Congressmen , Ambassadors, legal reformers, attorneys, scientists , and law enforcement officials.  For the first time, the true picture from the Middle Eastern deserts and remote Asian steppes, is clearly represented on Capitol Hill.

U.C.R. is the first environmental organization to successfully incorporate science, law enforcement, and legal reform into its efforts.  The seamless marriage of all three allows U.C.R. to function as a potent force in the field and as political advocates in Washington as well as other international capitals. We believe today’s environmental conservation programs will fail unless equal emphasis is placed in all three specialty areas.

U.C.R.’s coalition has achieved notable results, such as comprehensive wildlife trade sanctions, levied against the United Arab Emirates.  Now we need your help to reach our larger, long-term conservation goals.

Not burdened by a top-heavy administrative bureaucracy, U.C.R. is able to tailor environmental monitoring and conservation programs, as well as environmental reform and education programs in an extraordinarily speedy, forward-thinking, and proactive manner. Because the bulk of U.C.R.’s field operatives are Mongol, Kazakh, Russian, and Gulf Arab nationals, our conservation programs incorporate special regard for local cultures indigenous to Central Asia and the Middle East.

From 1981 until 2005, all of U.C.R.’s work has been achieved without a single donation from public-source funding. All of our achievements have been accomplished by private funds, donated by U.C.R.’s Board members.  But to take our efforts to another level at this critical time for these majestic raptors, we are now asking for public support. By expanding field operations across Central Asia, and by implementing law enforcement and law reform, we are certain that these falcon populations can be saved.  In order to grow and expand operations in the field, U.C.R. welcomes you to  join our team and add your  support .

CONTACT the Union for the Conservation of Raptors:
202-255-9980 ..... telephone
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please note: Falcon smuggling cartels have a history of violent physical assaults against U.C.R. personnel.  For security reasons, U.C.R.'s address is not supplied here.  If you need to meet U.C.R. principals or send postal mail, please first contact us via telephone, fax, or email (above).