Five Evidentiary Exhibits

Enclosed are the five Evidentiary Exhibits submitted to the F.B.I. in May, 2001 by Earl Silbert Esq.  These represent 14 years of investigatory work in Central Asia and the Middle East, considerable expenditure of resources, and difficult sacrifices by dedicated supporters embedded across ex-Soviet Asia and the Middle East.

This material and the website reference prominent leaders of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and ex-Soviet Asia – as well as important Middle East leaders – financing and directing illicit trade in rare falcons and other wildlife, often under cover of 'diplomatic immunity' and contrived biological “field research” and captive breeding programs. Each year, Arabian Gulf-financed implementing agents smuggle with impunity, thousands of specimens of this priceless wildlife resource.

OPERATION FALCON successfully documented 'person-to-person' smuggling, with over 300 arrests and favorable, U.S. Congressional Hearings. These Exhibits uncover “government-to-government” smuggling, and therein lies the challenge: how to reform a black market that is promoted by Asian and Middle East political leaders, sheikhs, princes, Ministry and C.I.T.E.S.officials, and field biologists. Today’s 'keepers of the gate' have pillaged the resource they are mandated to protect.

These Exhibits were withheld from the public domain, under Agreement with the F.B.I. that prevented F.O.I.A. disclosures. However, when Middle East smugglers stole these Exhibits on August 26, 2002 in Marbella, Spain – the element of confidentiality was lost. The Middle East / Central Asian Mafia now possess information-gathering protocols and names of informants.

Under this threat, U.C.R. has no choice but to appeal to a larger community to support aggressive, proactive measures to eviscerate today’s black market trade. Our first step is to make these materials available for public review, and to appeal to the U.S. administration and Capitol Hill, to seek regulatory change, policy reform, and “Pelly Amendment” trade sanctions, selectively applied against smuggling Nations.

This is not about birds. This is about “official misconduct” and “high-level corruption” – beginning with Arab royals in their desert palaces in Riyadh, Kuwait, and the U.A.E. – reaching clear across the Atlantic. Several Middle East leaders abuse political power and the wealth of their Nations to control conservation agencies, including the United Nations C.I.T.E.S. Secretariat. The ultimatums emanating from royal smugglers importune cover from the U.S. State Department – without which today’s black market would be impossible.

The U.S. Pelly Amendment trade sanctions advocated here, have the potential to reverse this trend.

THE BRIEF for Pelly Amendment and CITES Measures Against Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan
Please read THE BRIEF (above), before reviewing the tab enclosures to The Brief.

EXHIBIT I to THE BRIEF for Pelly Amendment Measures
Read the text of EXHIBIT I (above) before reviewing TAB ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I
  • Tab Enclosure 01 --Agenda 21
  • Tab Enclosure 02 --Mongol Government Corruption--3 MPs Guilty--1 MP Dead
  • Tab Enclosure 03 --Communists Win Mongolian Election
  • Tab Enclosure 04 --Kazakhstan Human Rights Violations And Suppression of Critics, Attacked in U.S. Congress
  • Tab Enclosure 05 --UAE Falcon Farms--Financiers--Hybrid Breeding Anomalies
  • Tab Enclosure 06 --Falco Newsletter of the Middle East Falcon Research Group
  • Tab Enclosure 07 --UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Authorizes Diplomats as Smugglers
  • Tab Enclosure 08 --UAE Diplomat-Smugglers Flee Police--Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Defends Himself
  • Tab Enclosure 09 --Russia's Leading Researcher Professor Vladimir Flint Traps Falcons For Arab Money
  • Tab Enclosure 10 --Central Asian Governments Aid and Abet Royal Middle East Diplomatic Falcon Smugglers
  • Tab Enclosure 11 --Nick Fox Slanders and Terminates Bonafide Research by Dr. Kenward and Dr. Pfeffer
  • Tab Enclosure 12 --UAE Sends Fox, NARC, and WWF to Kazakhstan, to Obstruct Falcon Conservation and Law Enforcement
  • Tab Enclosure 13 --Kazakhstan Minister of Ecology Publicly Announces Intent to Sign UCR Program Contract
  • Tab Enclosure 14 --Kazakhstan's Dr. Anatoliy Levin Reports Near Extinction of Falcons Caused by Arab Smugglers
  • Tab Enclosure 15 --UAE, Mongolia, and Fox Attack and Slander US Department of Interior, UCR Projects, and Personnel
  • Tab Enclosure 16 --ONUUDUR NEWSPAPER--Fox Slanders Interior and UCR Personnel
  • Tab Enclosure 17 --Fox Obtains Altai Gryfalcon Nest-Site Coordinates From the Interior Department's Assistant
  • Tab Enclosure 18 --UAE Smugglers Caught Smuggling Altai Gyrfalcons From Interior Department's Study Zones
  • Tab Enclosure 19 --Nick Fox's Mongolian Falcon Survey Plan
  • Tab Enclosure 20 --Fox and UAE Promulgate Inaccurate Mongolian Falcon Population Census
  • Tab Enclosure 21 --Arab Government Cartels and Fox Remove Unsustainable Numbers of Falcons from Mongolia
  • Tab Enclosure 22 --Fox and UAE Attempt to Isolate UCR from Department of Interior
  • Tab Enclosure 23 --Speaking On Behalf of the UAE--Nick Fox Slanders Department of Interior and UCR
  • Tab Enclosure 24 --US Congressman Informs Mongolia UCR Does Not Catch Falcons--Recommends UCR Program
  • Tab Enclosure 25 --UAE Smuggler Zarwani Telephones UAE Crown Prince--Mongolian Ambassador Sairan Sponsors Smugglers
  • Tab Enclosure 26 --Turkmenistan President's Private Courier Jet Smuggles for UAE Crown Prince Shaikh Khalifa
  • Tab Enclosure 27 --Turkmenistan President's Jet--Contraband Adult Breeding Falcons Offloaded in Abu Dhabi
  • Tab Enclosure 28 --Turkmenistan President's jet--Pilots and KGB Agents Pose in Front of Jet Tail Number
  • Tab Enclosure 29 --UAE Presidential Guard Recieves Turkmenistan Presidential Jet's Contraband Falcons
  • Tab Enclosure 30 --MPRP Enkhbayar Grills Minister of Nature With UCR Falcon Trade Questions
  • Tab Enclosure 31 --RAPTOR RESEARCH FOUNDATION--Opposes Hybrid Farm Falcons
  • Tab Enclosure 32 --Canadian Law Enforcement Confirms High Falcon Prices
  • Tab Enclosure 33 --OPERATION FALCON--Confirmation of Falcon Prices and Law Enforcement Yields
  • Tab Enclosure 34 --Saudi Arabian Interior Minister's Courier Jet Smuggling Mongolian Falcons
  • Tab Enclosure 35 --Saudi Arabian Interior Minister Wires $650,000 to Bribe Mongolian Government for 40 falcons
  • Tab Enclosure 36 --Saudi Arabian Interior Minister Contracts With Mongolian Government To Buy 800 Falcons
  • Tab Enclosure 37 --REUTER--China Arrests 925 Middle East Falcon Smugglers
  • Tab Enclosure 38 --China Arrests 600 Falcon Smugglers--Pakistani Smugglers Operate Out of Urumchi
  • Tab Enclosure 39 --GEO MAGAZINE--Wildlife Smuggling Facilitated by CITES Authority and Licenses
  • Tab Enclosure 40 --Mongolian Ministry of Nature Assesses 21,000 Breeding Saker Falcons, Without Science Data
  • Tab Enclosure 41 --Mongolian Conservation Newsletter--Biodiversity Project--Ministry Registers 21,000 Breeding Falcons
  • Tab Enclosure 42 --Mongolian RED BOOK--Biologists Write Disclaimer, When Minister of Nature Removes Falcon Protection
  • Tab Enclosure 43 --Kamchatka Russian Gryfalcons Confiscated from Ukrainian Smugglers
  • Tab Enclosure 44 --Russia's Kamchatka Regional Committee for Nature Protection Solicits Bear Gall Bladder Sales in US
  • Tab Enclosure 45 --The Late Batdelger Exposes His Government Smuggling Falcons, Via Arab Government Biologists
  • Tab Enclosure 46 --The Late Batdelger Photographed After Ministry of Nature's Assault, at UCR's Ulaanbaatar Office
  • Tab Enclosure 47 --UCR Personnel--Nine Bones Broken In Falcon Mafia Assault
  • Tab Enclosure 48 --SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE reporter & Dr. Thiollay Confirm UAE & Fox Oppose Falcon Conservation
  • Tab Enclosure 49 --USFWS Federal Register Limiting Imports of Trophy Argali Sheep
  • Tab Enclosure 50 --Mongolian Government and Buyandelger Seek Falcon Market Information
  • Tab Enclosure 51 --US Embassy Oversees UCR Agreement Signed by Mongolian Government
  • Tab Enclosure 52 --GOM Ministry of Nature Exports Falcons to Middle East Through Buyandelger
  • Tab Enclosure 53 --GOM Minister of Nature Adyasuren Proposes Impotent Falcon Program Contract For UCR
  • Tab Enclosure 54 --GOM Minister of Nature Gives Misleading Answers to UCR Falcon Questions Asked in Parliament
  • Tab Enclosure 55 --ONOODOR NEWSPAPER--Mongolian Academy of Sciences Sells Wild Adult Falcons to Kuwait
  • Tab Enclosure 56 --Saudi Arabian Minister of Interior Uses His Son Prince Nawwaf to Smuggle Falcons
  • Tab Enclosure 57 --Saudi Arabian Interior Minister's Agent Abdulatif Al-Manea--Earlier Caught Smuggling in Singapore
  • Tab Enclosure 58 --Saudi Arabian Interior Minister Takes Breeding Adult Falcons From Mongolia
  • Tab Enclosure 59 --Saudi Arabian Interior Minister Exports Altai Gyrfalcons From Mongolia
  • Tab Enclosure 60 --Mongolian Ministry of Nature Illegally Sells and Exports Endangered Gyrfalcons
  • Tab Enclosure 61 --Open Letter To Mongolian Members Of Parliament--GOM History Rejecting Falcon Conservation Programs
  • Tab Enclosure 62 --Press Conference--Mongol Minister of Nature and CITES Authorities Slander UCR Personnel
  • Tab Enclosure 63 --Mongol Minister of Nature, CITES Baddam, CITES Banzragch Falsely Claim UCR Kicked Out of Kazakhstan
  • Tab Enclosure 64 --Mongolian Embassy Fax Offering Visas and Inviting Kuwaiti Smugglers Into Mongolia
  • Tab Enclosure 65 --China's Massive Crackdown on Tibetan Antelope, Shatoosh Luxury Fur Poachers
  • Tab Enclosure 66 --Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti Trappers Smuggle Extra Falcons, Beyond Harvest Quota Limits
  • Tab Enclosure 67 --SCOTSMAN NEWSPAPER--Bahrain Royal Sheikh Arrested With 19 Falcons Sold By GOM Ambassador Sairan
  • Tab Enclosure 68 --Mongol CITES Officer Banzragch Visits UAE--Signs Export Contract For Crown Prince Sheikh Khalifa
  • Tab Enclosure 69 --Comprehensive Maps of Key Central Asian and Middle East Smuggling Venues
  • Tab Enclosure 70 --Mongolian Government Organizations Implementing U.N. Biodiversity Projects and Agenda 21
  • Tab Enclosure 71 --Mongolian Biodiversity Projects Leader Opposes Principles of The U.N. Convention on Biodiversity
  • Tab Enclosure 72 --Diversionary Public Relations Techniques Grant Market Dominance
  • Tab Enclosure 73 --GOM Minister of Nature Extorts U.S. $800,000 for 40 falcons
  • Tab Enclosure 74 --GOM Summons For UCR To Appear Before Mongolian Parliament And Report On GOM Falcon Smuggling
  • Tab Enclosure 75 --Parliamentary Summons to UCR, Obstructed by Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Tab Enclosure 76 --CLASSIFIED CABLE From The Ulaanbaatar U.S. Embassy To The U.S. State Department
  • Tab Enclosure 77 --CLASSIFIED CABLE From The U.S. Embassy To The State Department--Suppress Scandal
  • Tab Enclosure 78 --SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE--Interior Department's Falcon Nests Looted and Empty
  • Tab Enclosure 79 --U.S. Ambassador LaPorta Grateful Smithsonian Magazine Did Not Cover UCR's Anti-Smuggling Program
  • Tab Enclosure 80 --ONOODOR NEWSPAPER--US Ambassador LaPorta Defends Mongol Government Falcon Smuggling
  • Tab Enclosure 81 --WASHINGTON POST--Nick Fox Grossly Misrepresents Falcon Prices--Bids Against Mongolia
  • Tab Enclosure 82 --MONGOLIA TODAY MAGAZINE--Falcon Trade Facts
  • Tab Enclosure 83 --CITES 2002 Mar 07--Notification by UCR--Six UAE Shaikhs Breaking UN Trade Sanctions
  • Tab Enclosure 84 --Saudi Arabian Ambassador Prince Bandar Smuggles for the Saudi Defense Minister
  • Tab Enclosure 85-A --US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE AFFIDAVIT--Saudi Embassy and Ambassador Bandar Smuggle Falcons -- highlights
  • Tab Enclosure 85-B --US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE AFFIDAVIT--Saudi Embassy and Ambassador Bandar Smuggle Falcons -- original transcript
  • Tab Enclosure 86 --Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar Pays $150,000 Penalty, For Saudi Government-Sanctioned Smuggling
  • Tab Enclosure 87 --GOM Academy of Sciences and Nature Ministry Export Falcons to Kuwait
  • Tab Enclosure 88 --UAE Agents Monitor From a Distance, Smuggling Via Turkmenistan Presidential Jet
  • Tab Enclosure 89 --UAE Agent Photographed in Mongolia, Supervising Smuggling on Turkmenistan Presidential Jet
  • Tab Enclosure 90 --UAE Crown Prince Shaikh Khalifa Assigns Falcon Smuggler as UAE Representative
  • Tab Enclosure 91 --Mongolian Lawyers Sponsor UCR and Confirm Human Rights Violations by Mongolian Government
  • Tab Enclosure 92 --2003 UNDP Human Development Report--Failures in Kazakhstan and Mongolia
  • Tab Enclosure 93-A --Environmental Sustainability Index--Status of Saudi Arabia and the UAE--Selected Pages
  • Tab Enclosure 93-B --Environmental Sustainability Index--Status of Saudi Arabia and the UAE--Complete Report
  • Tab Enclosure 94 --UAE President Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan Buys U.S. $12,000 Falcons
  • Tab Enclosure 95 --USFWS Division Chief Privately Meets Falcon Smugglers and Middle East Implementing Agents
  • Tab Enclosure 96 --Nick Fox Declares 8,000 CITES-Protected Falcons Annually Smuggled Into Middle East
  • Tab Enclosure 97 --Submission to GOM Itemizing Smuggling Techniques, Subsequently Deployed by Mongolian Government
  • Tab Enclosure 98 --Hybrid and Non-Native Falcons Escape And Breed With Wild Falcons, Causing Genetic Pollution
  • Tab Enclosure 99 --Kazakhstan's Institute of Zoology Demands Money, For Endorsing UCR Program

EXHIBIT II to THE BRIEF for Pelly Amendment Measures--Submission to the Inspector General
Read EXHIBIT II (above) before reviewing the tab enclosures to Exhibit II
  • Tab Enclosure 01 --Tsengeg Reveals Rare Falcons To Fox and UAE
  • Tab Enclosure 02 --ONUUDUR NEWSPAPER--Fox Slanders Interior and UCR Personnel
  • Tab Enclosure 03 --UAE Falcon Smugglers Caught with Altai Gyrfalcons
  • Tab Enclosure 04 --US Government Redacted from Research, Now Attributed to Fox and UAE
  • Tab Enclosure 05 --Nick Fox Meets Bold, Baddam in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Tab Enclosure 06 --Bowardi Controls Sales of Sensitive US Military Equipment
  • Tab Enclosure 07 --CITES Admits Liabilities of Captive Breeding Programs
  • Tab Enclosure 08 --INSPECTOR GENERAL Submissions--State Department, UAE, and Mongolian Government Transgressions
  • Tab Enclosure 09 --Canadian Law Enforcement Speaks About UCR Credibility
  • Tab Enclosure 10 --Canadian Law Enforcement Speaks About UCR Credibility and Falcon Markets
  • Tab Enclosure 11 --Canadian Law Enforcement Speaks About UCR Expertise, Falcon Programs, and Assistance
  • Tab Enclosure 12 --Canadian Law Enforcement Assists Court Against GOM Minister and Parliament--Falcon Prices Confirmed
  • Tab Enclosure 13 --Canadian Law Enforcement Confirms Falcon Prices For UCR in Mongolian Court
  • Tab Enclosure 14 --Department of Interior Employee Speaks Privately To Endorse UCR Program
  • Tab Enclosure 15 --Department of Interior Employee Answers Mongolian Court Subpoena, Regarding Ministry Corruption
  • Tab Enclosure 16 --Department of Interior Employee Privately Answers Mongolian Court Subpoena on GOM Corruption
  • Tab Enclosure 17 --Department of Interior Employee--UAE Falcon Smuggling Aborts Collaboration Between Ellis and Fox
  • Tab Enclosure 18 --Mongolian Bar Writes New Laws for Mongolia
  • Tab Enclosure 19 --The Late Batdelger--Mongolian Society for Bird Protection Opposes Falcon Exports
  • Tab Enclosure 20 --The Late Batdelger--Mongolian Society for Bird Protection Appeals for Help To Stop Falcon Exports
  • Tab Enclosure 21 --The Late Batdelger--Mongolian Society for Bird Protection And UCR Itemize Falcon Smuggling Offenses
  • Tab Enclosure 22 --The Late Batdelger--Mongolian Society for Bird Protection Predicts Extinction of Asian Falcons
  • Tab Enclosure 23 --Mongolian Ministry of Nature--Bans Interior Department From Witnessing Baby Falcon Smuggling to Fox
  • Tab Enclosure 24 --Department of Interior Employee Privately Writes To Explain Ministry of Nature Falcon Larceny
  • Tab Enclosure 25 --Department of Interior Employee Files GOM Report--Advises Against Release Of Non-Native UAE Falcons1
  • Tab Enclosure 26 --US Embassy Delivers US Congressman's Letter To Kazakhstan's President, Advocating UCR Program
  • Tab Enclosure 27 --US Congressman Endorses and Recommends UCR Falcon Conservation Program For Mongolia
  • Tab Enclosure 28 --US Congressman Recommends UCR Program to Mongolian Minister of Nature
  • Tab Enclosure 29 --US Congressman Recommends Salient Points of UCR Program To Mongolian Minister of Nature
  • Tab Enclosure 30 --US Congressman Praises Mongolian Ambassador Choinhor, A Strong UCR Supporter
  • Tab Enclosure 31 --US Congressman Requests Meeting With UAE President Shaikh Zayed, For UCR Program
  • Tab Enclosure 32 --US Congressman Requests Meeting With Kyrgyzstan's President Akayev, For UCR Program

ACTIONS OF STATE Opposing Falcon Conservation As a Means of Covering Middle East Smuggling Cartels
Read ACTIONS OF STATE (above) before reviewing the tab enclosures to Actions of State

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