- Today's '10 Most Wanted' -
and the 'Merchants of Extinction'

Following are listed today’s most prolific falcon smugglers, facilitators, and other implementing agents of black market trade.  The majority of these individuals are politically connected, and not averse to influence peddling within the U.S. Government, to facilitate black market trade.  Where politics fail, bribery or murder invariably achieve the desired results.

Black marketers pocket tens of millions of dollars, in trade whose aggregate costs annually exceed U.S. $300,000,000.  Today’s black market is not only politically expensive to Arab leaders – cash costs to Arab buyers are inflated, as a measure to support an extended family of criminal implementing agents, entrenched within royal palaces and foreign Ministries.  Today’s black market is far more expensive to Arab falcon buyers, than the controlled sustainable-use program proposed by U.C.R.

U.C.R.’s Ten Most Wanted and the supplemental list, Merchants of Extinction, identify a broad spectrum of individuals who are determined to maintain the status quo – yet they represent only a fraction of the total number of people engaged in smuggling falcons.  Hundreds of individuals and organizations representing today’s falcon smuggling cartels are identified, investigated, and more fully detailed in the Evidentiary Exhibits and this web-site. 

There are conservation organizations that cannot be named as members of organized smuggling cartels, but whose inaction is nevertheless shortsighted and a resource liability.  A case in point is Raptor Research Foundation, whose membership is fully appraised of Central Asian falcon exterminations by western biologists, as implementing agents for Arab falconers.  While generally well-intended, the Raptor Research Foundation has largely failed to pass and lobby for effective, proactive measures suitable for Central Asian raptor conservation.  This is not surprising because R.R.F. is heavily influenced by owners of falcon farms and falconers.  It is our hope that Raptor Research will purge it’s ranks of special interests dominated by breeders and falconers, and join U.C.R.’s campaign in opposing illicit falcon traffic.

Similarly well-intended is the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and Bird Life International whose upper managment are clean, while their feet-on-the-ground include biologists who are paid by Arab royals to advance the interests of black market smuggling cartels.

Class A smugglers are responsible for knowingly planning and ordering provision of material support, funding, courier aircraft, initiating action in the field, or for crafting innovative modus operandi for smuggling rare falcons, wildlife, and wanted fugitives across international borders.  Class A smugglers operate with authority of Government and institutions, often under the cloak of 'scientific research' or 'diplomatic immunity'. They represent the creative profile and the epicenter for today’s sophisticated black market traffic.

Class B smugglers are the hands and feet – the implementing agents – of Class A smugglers.

Class C smugglers are free-lance opportunists who capitalize on a thriving black market, by selling relatively small numbers of contraband falcons. They pick up the crumbs left behind by industrial-scale, government-sanctioned smugglers.  Invariably, Class C smugglers are arrested and displayed by Middle East and Central Asian Governments, as exhibits to propagandize a false public impression that wildlife laws and border controls are enforced.  Central Asian government officials very often ransom Class C smugglers for bribery to buy freedom from jail, and confiscate their contraband falcons which are subsequently resold to Class B and Class A smugglers, for the private benefit of Central Asian government officials.

Three hundred OPERATION FALCON arrests were limited to Class B and Class C smugglers.  The only exceptions were the Saudi Arabian Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan, his father Prince Sultan, and his uncle Prince Badr bin Abdulaziz.  As the only Class A smugglers interdicted in OPERATION FALCON, these Princes paid a $150,000 penalty to the Department of Justice, while the U.S.State Department expunged from public disclosures, information pertaining to their investigation and punishment.  In ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I, see Tab Enclosure: 84;  Tab Enclosure: 85-A; and Tab Enclosure: 86

v   U.C.R. offers to informants, a generous cash reward for evidentiary documents, photographs, itineraries, and other information on falcon smugglers, including the parties listed below. Contact U.C.R. and we will request a meeting at the nearest U.S. Embassy.

v   Informants who are endangered as a consequence of their conservation work abroad, are encouraged to consider assistance for a political amnesty application in the United States.

Interdiction of Class A and Class B smugglers invariably implicate governments engaged in black market trade as a matter of covert policy, on behalf royal princes, sheikhs, Ministers, and 'wildlife conservation' organizations.  Therefor U.C.R. earnestly seeks information pertaining to activities of the following individuals and organizations, with premium financial rewards offered for evidence on Class A and Class B smugglers.


(1) Dr. Nick Fox:

Class A smuggler (England):  The mastermind and operational “bridge” between Middle East falcon extraction interests, ex-Soviet Asian governments, and members of the scientific research community.

Fox is featured prominently throughout U.C.R.’s Evidentiary Exhibits.  Nick.Fox’s field biology programs are designed as a “Trojan Horse” to gain access to rare falcons, which are looted with impunity.  Dr. Fox supplies Sakers and Gyrfalcons directly to his employers, the U.A.E. Triad Sheikhs.  Fox capitalizes on the opportunity to launder eggs from Central Asia, into U.A.E. breeding barns, and for re-export onward to Wales, England.  Fox directs a large staff of smugglers, immediately under his control, including Dr. Frederick Launay (WWF) and Dr. Potapov (CITES, NARC, ERWDA).  His immediate boss is Mohammed al-Bowardi.

Fox annually produces over 300 farm falcons for Middle East falconers.  He exports the high-priced females (starting price: U.S. $20,000 per bird).  Dr. Fox kills the small male falcons, which are not profitable for his business.

Fox's exported female falcons are responsible for completely destroying wild falcon populations across Asia. Many of Nick Fox's non-native farm falcons are ultimately released into wild ecosystems, where they cause fatal 'genetic pollution' to wild falcons. 

(2) Mohammed al-Bowardi:

Class A smuggler (U.A.E.): today’s Godfather of the falcon Mafia, and the bottleneck for illicit falcon trade.

Mohammed Al-Bowardi is the middleman between the U.A.E. Triad Sheikhs and Dr. Nick Fox.  Funding flows from the Triad Sheikhs to Mohammed al-Bowardi, and then to Fox, Launay, Potapov, constellations of Asian Government Officials, C.I.T.E.S. Officials, and finally the Russian Mafia.  Bowardi is Deputy Chairman of E.R.W.D.A. and was recently appointed as the U.A.E. C.I.T.E.S. Management Authority by Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed, a Triad Sheikh.  Bowardi also controls every detail of U.A.E. Offsets, responsible for sensitive military acquisitions from the United States.

The U.A.E. Triad Sheikhs:

(3) Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed al-Nahyan:

The U.A.E. Minister of Foreign Affairs – a Class A smuggler (U.A.E.), is the most ambitious of the Triad Sheikhs.  Sheikh Hamdan has absolutely no regard for international laws, the environment, or the welfare of others – and especially so when his personal interests are at stake.

Sheikh Hamdan uses the power of his Ministry to authorize illegal falcon extraction Contracts, threaten U.S. Department of InteriorEmployees with employment termination, while influencing U.S. Ambassadors and U.S. foreign policy to enable illegal falcon traffic. 

Sheikh Hamdan designates U.A.E. Diplomats as falcon smugglers, and networks with source-Country Diplomats to facilitate smuggling on the highest levels of Government. (In ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I, see Tab Enclosure: 07 and Tab Enclosure: 08)  Sheikh Hamdan is the most ambitious and dangerous of the Triad Sheikhs, personally micro-managing every detail of black market trade, protecting the status quo of his smugglers at all costs – even at the risk and reputation of the U.A.E. Government that he represents.

On October 08, 2003 Sheikh Hamdan’s ambitions were realized when he was appointed as the U.A.E.’s 2ndDeputyPrime Minister.  This unprecedented measure was implemented to silence and ultimately disenfranchise the U.A.E.’s de facto DeputyPrime Minister Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed.  Sheikh Sultan is an unwavering opponent to organized crime, an outspoken opponent to falcon smuggling, and a long-standing U.C.R. supporter.

U.C.R. recommends that His Highness the President Sheikh Zayed:

(1) recognize Sheikh Hamdan’s dangerous infatuation with falcon smuggling and criminal alliances within the former Russian republics.  Sheikh Hamdan personally hosts Russia’s most dangerous criminal elements as his guests, on U.A.E. soil.  Sheikh Hamdan runs Abu Dhabi like a Las Vegas Casino, during the early days when the Mafia was the backbone of “SinCity”,

(2) recognize that Sheikh Hamdan is undoing a lifetime of progress and international good will achieved by his father, President Sheikh Zayed,

(3) discipline Sheikh Hamdan so that he understands his warped version of paradise is over,

(4) reconsider the wisdom of appointing Sheikh Hamdan as ForeignMinister, by replacing him with a more suitable candidate for the U.A.E.’s Minister of Foreign Affairs,

(5) recognize the influence of Sheikha Fatima’s five sons in the U.A.E. is comparable to the Suderi Seven in Saudi Arabia.  These ambitious “five fingers of Fatima” are monopolizing special interests, they are eliminating consensus within the U.A.E. Royal family, and they are paralyzing Abu Dhabi.  The consequence of their draconian influence is dangerous to regional stability, to the point of guaranteeing the U.A.E. Royal family is not sustainable over the long-term.

(4) Lieutenant General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan:

The Chief of Staff of the armed forces – a Class A smuggler (U.A.E.): Educated at Sandhurst Royal Military, Sheikh Mohammed is renowned as a disciplinarian and as the second Triad Sheikh.

But wherever Mohammed al-Bowardi is concerned, Sheikh Mohammed always forgets his training, to protect his best friend – no matter how criminal the behavior, nor how dangerous to the welfare of the U.A.E.  In fact, rather than Bowardi breaking international laws under his own individual initiative, it is more accurate to appreciate Bowardi’s actions are undertaken on the orders of the Triad Sheikhs whom he serves.

Sheikh Mohammed authorizes military aircraft, other Government aircraft, military hardware and personnel for use by Mohammed al-Bowardi to smuggle falcons.  A typical example is when Sheikh Mohammed authorized the busting of C.I.T.E.S. trade sanctions on April 18, 2002, when the U.A.E.’s C.I.T.E.S. Management Authority Mohammed al-Bowardi used U.A.E. Government courier aircraft to smuggle 102 falcons from Qatar, to the U.A.E., and then to Pakistan.  SeeActions of State

(5) Crown Prince Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan:

The U.A.E. Crown Prince – a Class A smuggler (U.A.E.): As the third Triad Sheikh, Crown Prince Sheikh Khalifa provides unlimited funding for al-Bowardi’s falcon smuggling enterprises as well as his “scientific” and “conservation” endeavors.

Two of Saudi Arabia’s Suderi Brothers:

(6) Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz al-Saud:

Saudi Arabia ’s Minister of Defense – a Class A smuggler (U.A.E.):   The most prolific among Saudi Arabian smugglers.

In order to compete within the falcon smuggling community – and with obvious relish and reckless abandon – Prince Sultan breaks United Nations Conventions and the laws of the United Statesand constellations of foreign Countries.  This Royal Prince finances, directs and harbors dangerous fugitives wanted by the United States and Canada, including Mr. John Slaytor.  Prince Sultan routinely presides over the elimination of his adversaries.  In concert with his brother Prince Naif, Sultan exerts the full weight of his foot on the throat of Saudi citizens, to the point of destabilizing the entire country.  Prince Sultan is renowned for creating abject environmental wastelands, wherever he hunts with falcons.

(7) Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz al-Saud:

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Interior – a Class A smuggler (Saudi Arabia):   Prince Naif duplicates a number of methods of his brother Prince Sultan, in order to acquire the rarest black market falcons. 

Prince Naif sends his sons Mohammed and Nawwaf abroad, with Saudia Government Airline courier jets, to smuggle falcons.  In ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I, see Tab Enclosure: 34 and Tab Enclosure: 56  Both Prince Sultan and Naif entertain thousands of guests in their hunting venues, where al-Qaeida operatives come and go without passport controls.  Prince Naif is Saudi Arabia’s counterpart to Heinrich Himmler.

(8) Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum:

The U.A.E.’s Minister of Defense – a Class A smuggler (Dubai, U.A.E.):   Sheikh Mohammed not only smuggles falcons – he runs the world’s largest illegal, industrial-scale big game hunts in Tanzania.  Sheikh Mohammed kills and smuggles big game trophies for private guests, while bribing Tanzanian Customs and border control agents and C.I.T.E.S. Officials to ignore his wildlife massacre and illegal trophy exports.

In the same manner used by Saudi Princes who invite al-Qaeida to participate in falconry hunts, Sheikh Mohammed’s guests arrive at a privately constructed airstrip in Tanzania, without any border or passport controls.  Sheikh Mohammed’s Hummers are customized in the United Stateswith electric elevator chairs, two tiers of sofas, and machine gun racks for hunting big game animals. These vehicles are camouflaged with desert-color, rubberized military paint.  i.e. U.S.products are shipped abroad, and with forethought – customized specifically to enable violations of the United Nations C.I.T.E.S. treaty.

In private correspondence to U.C.R., the C.I.T.E.S. Secretariat has acknowledged the facts regarding Sheikh Mohammed’s illegal big game hunts.  John Sellar from C.I.T.E.S. met Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid (brother of Sheikh Mohammed) at his DubaiPalacein 2001, and Mr. Sellar’s discussions about U.A.E. violations were rebuffed.  The Secretariat has done nothing to oppose the Tanzanian violations, the hunts have never been publicly opposed by C.I.T.E.S., and Sheikh Mohammed’s secret big game hunts continue unabated, without any limitations or controls whatsoever.

To further indicate Sheikh Mohammed’s incorrigible modus operandi:

v     after watching Disney’s “101 Dalmatians”, Sheikh Mohammed bought 101 Dalmatian puppies for his children.  After several weeks they were disposed of. 

v     Sheikh Mohammed asked a dog trainer Duncan Robertson to teach his Bengal Tiger to walk on a leash.  When the dog trainer refused, the Sheikh’s diminutive Filipino maid was ordered to take the Tiger on daily public walks among the shops of Fatwa, Dubai.

v     In 2001, two African gazelles were shipped alive from Sheikh Mohammed’s Tanzanian big-game hunting camp to Dubai.  While in transit, the male gazelle expired. Consequently there was only enough room in the shipping container for the remaining live gazelle to stand on top of the body of her mate.  U.C.R.’s informant pleaded with Dubai Customs to remove the carcass of the dead gazelle, which was obviously terrifying the remaining live gazelle, because she was forced to stand directly on top of her dead mate.  The Dubai Customs officer refused, insisting that Sheikh Mohammed would fire him if he removed the dead animal. 

v     Sheikh Mohammed was, until recently, counted among the most prolific kidnappers of teen and pre-teen boys from Pakistan and Iran, for use as jockeys in camel races.  Ranging between 4 and 10 years of age, these child-slaves are so tiny that they cannot hold onto the camel.  Consequently they have Velcro patches sewn into their pants, so they stick to the camel saddle.  Nevertheless, they sometimes fall off, to be trampled underfoot by the camel herd, hell-bent for the finish line and multi-million dollar prizes.  Hence, these children are dubbed “Rugbys” by the Arabs, because when they are being kicked, stomped, and killed by the camels, they instinctively curl up like little Rugby balls.

The B.B.C. produced a scathing story on Rugby boys. Held in bondage, it is conveniently characteristic for their captors to completely deprive these children of education and medical care.

To counter the truth, an American journalist was ordered to broadcast a prepared file-footage story concocted by the U.A.E. Government's representative, Peter Hellyer, for submission to CNN World Report. That story falsely claimed the use of child jockeys had stopped in the U.A.E., and that the Country is a utopia for children.  But despite this and other attempts to subvert truth, the U.A.E. could not obstruct horrendous revelations in the United Nations Commission on Human Rightsreport on the U.A.E.

The journalist refused to air Hellyer’s story, complaining bitterly to CNN and Sheikh Abdullah, the U.A.E. Minister of Information.  After hearing threats to take the truth into the public domain a second time, Sheikh Abdullah prevailed upon his brother Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

In one of the few compliments U.C.R. can attribute to Sheikh Hamdan, he lobbied his father the President, to support new laws banning child-jockeys.  The U.A.E. has only recently passed strict laws, albeit under duress, banning Rugby boys under the age of 17 years.  However in memory of countless tortured children, a watchful eye should prevail to ensure that the leisurely amusement of Sheikhs does not have primacy over the welfare of children.

(9) Minister Adyasuren Tsohiogyn:

The Minister of Nature – a Class A smuggler (Mongolia): Adyasuren currently directs all of Mongolia's illicit falcon exports to the Middle East.

Reckless and unsophisticated, Minister Adyasuren sued U.C.R. in Mongolian court.  The Minister withdrew his case when evidence demonstrated his role in black market trade, providing a de facto victory for U.C.R.  Adyasuren resigned as Minister, but resumed his role directing black market trade, as “advisor” to every Minister of Nature since 1999.  Former Mongolian Ambassador Gungaadorj testified that Minister Adyasuren “has more money than anybody can count”, earned from contraband falcon sales.

(10) Dr. Abdulaziz H. Abuzinada:

Secretary General, the “National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development” – a Class A smuggler (Saudi Arabia):   Dr. Abuzinada is the implementing agent for Prince Sultan, Prince Naif, Prince Turki, Prince Saud al-Faisal, et. al. 

Abdulaziz Abuzinada works overtime to ensure Saudi conservation Programs look good in the international media, while catering to the blood lust of his Saudi Princes. Highly emotional and talkative, Abuzinada is a dangerous asset to Saudi Royals, and his actions represent a profound liability to environmental conservation programs.  Letter to Congressman Stephen J. Solarz


– Today’s Merchants of Extinction –

Additional Agents and Facilitators of Trade:

(11) Dr. Mohammed Ali Aisa:

Class A smuggler (Yemenand U.A.E.) :  Dr. Mohammed Ali is a prolific weapons merchant for al-Qaeida.  U.C.R. has an extensive dossier on Dr. Mohammed’s enterprises.

A Yemeni National, Dr. Mohammed arrived in the U.A.E. with no money. Having been educated in Russia, fluent in the local dialects, and married to a Russian National (1st wife) and an Abu Dhabi National (2nd wife), it was easy for Dr. Mohammed to smuggle falcons to the U.A.E. Crown Prince Sheikh Khalifa.

Sheikh Khalifa was sufficiently impressed, he lavished millions of dollars on Dr. Mohammed, who used the Crown Prince’s money to buy a fleet of used Russian Tupelov and Yak 40 aircraft.  An Abu Dhabitravel agency was established as a cover – while his primary money-making cargo is falcons and weapons.  Dr. Mohammed is exceedingly dangerous, maintaining a personal army of 200 men, based out of Moscow. U.C.R. Personnel witnessed Dr. Mohammed deploying his private army in foreign lands.  Dr. Mohammed’s Yemeni arms deliveries support incursions into Saudi Arabia’s Najran province and beyond.  The symbiotic association between Dr. Mohammed and the U.A.E. Crown Prince Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed permits Dr. Mohammed to use the U.A.E. Royal Families’ private airport to smuggle falcons and weapons with impunity. 

U.A.E. Officials are desperately attempting to mitigate the association between Dr. Mohammed and the Crown Prince – however it is impossible to deny the Crown Prince personally granted U.A.E. citizenship to this seasoned al-Qaeida operative.

(12) Victor Bout:

Class A smuggler (Russia):   Bout delivers falcons to both Saudi and U.A.E. Royal families.

As the sales agent for corrupted Russian Parliament (Duma) Officials, Mr. Bout is the worlds most prolific al-Qaeida arms dealer operating under the protective umbrella of the Russian Government and Special Services.  It is important to appreciate that Bout is not a lone, independent arms dealer – he is the marketing agent for corrupt Russian Officials, keen to unload dangerous weapons for cash.  For this reason, the Russian Government will never knowingly permit U.S.intelligence to interrogate Bout.

Contraband falcon trade enabled Bout to enlarge his fleet of courier aircraft.  More important: camaraderie built during Arab Royal falconry hunts forged special relationships with key members U.A.E. and Saudi Royal families.  Bout often delivers contraband falcons and accompanies Royals on extended, 1 month-long falconry safaris in Pakistan, Northern Saudi Arabia/Southern Iraq, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Morocco.

Bout’s services to Russia are invaluable, as a covert KGB intermediary between Russiaand some of the world’s most unsavory characters. Historically using attractive women to accomplish objectives in the West – it is easy to comprehend how the KGB’s new divisions and the SVR Foreign Intelligence Service use falcons as alluring bait, to target and penetrate Arab Royal families.

Mr. Bout’s business and social relationship with U.A.E. Royals is sufficiently close, that he is able to quietly move prohibited cargo through Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabiairports with impunity – including the Royal airports.  Bout’s ties with senior Saudi Royals provides lucrative income, a marketing agenda built on a trusting handshake, and culturally germane relevance to Bout’s weapons sales and deliveries to Islamic and al-Qaeida leadership, from Chechnya to Afghanistan. 

(13) President Saparmurad Niyazov:

Class A facilitator (Turkmenistan):  Each year President Niyazov loans his private jet to the U.A.E. Crown Prince Sheikh Khalifa, for use as courier transport to move contraband falcons.  In ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I, seeTab Enclosure: 26; Tab Enclosure: 27; Tab Enclosure: 28; and Tab Enclosure: 29

President Niyazov hosts falconry hunts for the U.A.E. Crown Prince Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, Sheikh Suroor bin Mohammed (the U.A.E. Chamberlain of the Presidential Court), Saudi Arabia’s Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, and other Royal Princes and Sheikhs  These hunts completely extirpate falcons, Houbara (lesser McQueen’s Bustard), Golden Eagles, and other wildlife so that, by the end of the hunting season, entire provinces designated for hunting, are environmental wastelands.  Most significantly, today’s Central Asian hunts are decimating wildlife within pristine northern breeding territories of Central Asia – a practice that was unheard of 20 years ago when Arab hunts were restricted to the southern latitudes.

(14) PresidentNursultan Nazarbayev:

Class A facilitator (Kazakhstan): President Nazarbayev hosts Saudi and U.A.E. falconry hunts in the same style as Turkmenistan’s Niyazov. 

Filmed testimony of a valued U.C.R. informant (available to Government agencies) explains how Kazakhstan’s army is used to ring entire hunting provinces, to prevent outside observers from witnessing the carnage.  As in Turkmenistan, the U.A.E. Crown Prince Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, Sheikh Suroor bin Mohammed, and Saudi Arabia’s Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz arrive as guests of President Nazarbayev, on privately constructed airstrips in the center of the hunting territory.  Thousands of Arab guests arrive from all over the Middle East – without any passport or border controls – to hunt without any quota limitations or management controls whatsoever.

President Nazarbayev also granted unlimited falcon export rights, from Kazakhstanto the U.A.E. Triad Sheikhs.  In exchange for unlimited access to Kazakhstan’s falcons and hunting territories, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed gave U.S. $40,000,000 as a gift to Nazarbayev, for building his new Palace in Astana.

(15) PrimeMinister Ensaikhan:

Class A smuggler (Mongolia):  With support from his partner Mr. Seseer, Ensaikhan smuggled falcons to the Saudi Arabia. 

On October 24, 1995 Ensaikhan was present at the United Nations when Congressman Steve Solarz first proposed the U.C.R. Project to President Ochirbat.  Rather than implementing a viable conservation Program, Prime Minister Ensaikhan chose instead to build his private empire on the back of illicit falcon trade. 

Prime Minister Ensaikhan later diversified his income, by running the foreign account branch of Ulaanbaatar’s “Trade and Development Bank”, renowned as a money-laundering center for Middle East Nationals.  U.C.R.’s Law Enforcement Advisory Board Members have witnessed Arabs bringing in duffel bags full of $100 bills, so heavy they were dragged across the floor with great difficulty.  These activities were observed over a dozen times, in a city where the average monthly income is less than U.S. $100. An extensive dossier has been developed on Arab money laundering in Ulaanbaatar.  Ensaikhan is now reputed to be the richest man in Mongolia.

(16) Prime Minister Enkhbayar:

Class A smuggler (Mongolia):  Enkhbayar used U.C.R.’s Evidentiary Exhibits to remove the ruling Democratic Coalition from Mongolia's Government, then resumed falcon smuggling under his newly enthroned communist Government.

M.P.R.P. Chairman Enkhbayar was a constant visitor to U.C.R.’s Ulaanbaataroffice, a frequent dinner guest with U.C.R. Personnel, in company with the U.S. Embassy’s Wendell Albright, and an outspoken public supporter of the U.C.R. Program until he became the new Mongolian Prime Minister.  See the Evidentiary Exhibits and Tab Enclosure: 30 in ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I

Under the control of this new communist Prime Minister, Mongolia’s State-run falcon smuggling enterprises (vis-à-vis the Ministry of Nature and the Academy of Sciences) have increased alarmingly.

(17) Minister of Nature Batjargal:

Class A smuggler (Mongolia):   Minister Batjargal signed a Contract with Prince Mohammed bin Naif, on behalf of the Saudi Minister of Interior Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz, to harvest 800 falcons.  SeeTab Enclosure: 36 in ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I

The Official Ministry of Nature per-bird Contract price was only $2,500.  However, the unofficial price exceeds $18,000 for each falcon exported, with this revenue going straight into the pockets of the Minister of Nature, the Prime Minister, Buyandelger, their friends and associates.

(18) Minister of Nature Bayartsogt:

Class A smuggler (Mongolia):  During his brief reign, Minister Bayartsogt supported the status quo, and continued Mongolia's illegal falcon traffic unabated.

(19) Minister of Nature Mendsaikhan:

Class A smuggler (Mongolia):  Minister Mendsaikhan continued the falcon smuggling tradition of his predecessors, and attempted to extort $800,000 from U.C.R.  seeTab Enclosure: 19 in ACTIONS OF STATE

After U.C.R. called a press conference to disclose Ministerial corruption, Minister Mendsaikhan threw U.C.R. Personnel into Mongolian prison, to serve a five year sentence “for showing disrespect to a Mongolian Government Official”.  Amnesty International assesses Mongolia's prisons as among the world’s worst.  Senator Jesse Helms prevailed to release U.C.R. Personnel from Mongolian prison – and the next day the Personnel led three U.C.R. detectives to intercept the TurkmenistanPresident’s courier jet, on loan to the U.A.E. Crown Prince Sheikh Khalifa.  (See Tab Enclosure: 26 in ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I) It is now apparent U.C.R. Personnel were jailed to prevent interdiction of Arab courier jets.

Having cleared Customs and having begun taxiing down the runway at the time of interdiction – twenty one contraband, undeclared falcons were discovered on Board that jet, along with Arabs and Mongolian C.I.T.E.S. Officials.  Only at that moment, with U.C.R. detectives standing in the doorway of the aircraft, did they produce the necessary C.I.T.E.S. export permits – which permits were obviously held, only as insurance against capture by Police.

(20) Ulambayaryn Buyandelger:

Class A smuggler (Mongolia):  As the former Director of Mongol An, a Mongolian Government big-game hunting company, Mr. Buyandelger and Minister Batjargal took charge of Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz’s 800 falcon export contract. Bribery in the form of unofficial payments, were ample to inspire unanimous support within the Ministry of Nature and the Academyof Sciences.

In 1996 Buyandelger appeared before the U.S.Department of Interior with Mr. Enkhbold, passing out business cards and masquerading as the Mongolian Deputy Minister of Nature.  They succeeded in influencing U.S. Federal rules pertaining to imports of Mongolian Argali Trophy imports, favorable to their multi-million dollar export business. (SeeEXHIBIT I TO THE BRIEF) 

But what’s worse?  Department of Interior Officials are so embarrassed that they were successfully duped by this counterfeit Mongolian Deputy Minister of Nature, that they actually covered up the incident.

Buyandelger and the Mongolian Minister of Nature are the featured in Geo Magazine hunting and selling snow leopards to western trophy hunters.  (seeTab Enclosure: 39 in ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I)  Buyandelger has a history selling wolves to Europe, including Hungary.  He has also illegally exported seemingly unlimited quantities of marmot skins across the border into Russia.  Buyandelger’s monopoly in falcon trade is jealously guarded by cronies, co-conspirators and beneficiaries within the Ministry of Nature. 

Buyandelger directs trapping in the field, facilitating Arab falcon exports.  (Tab Enclosure: 52 in ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I)  Buyandelger also monopolizes falcon exports through several shell companies shared between a small group of GOM and Ministry cronies – these companies are organized to provide the palatable public impression that fiscal proceeds from Mongolia's falcon exports are equitably divided among diverse, unrelated companies – when in fact the opposite is true.  See the Evidentiary Exhibits on this web-site.

Buyandelger sued U.C.R. in Mongolian court and lost his case. U.C.R. Personnel – led by Dr. S. Narangerel – a Member of U.C.R.’s “Law Reform Advisory Board”, and President of the “Association of Mongolian Advocates” – provided incontrovertible proof of Buyandelger’s responsibilities, as an essential link in a chain Mongolian Government Officials benefiting from illicit falcon traffic. 

U.C.R.’s court victories against Buyandelger and the Minister of Nature Adyasuren were celebratory events, in the fight against Official misconduct and high-level corruption.

However, as a Mongolian Government Official in good standing, Mr. Buyandelger continues his membership and influence in Mongolia’s “Committee for the Protection of Rare Animals”, chaired by the Minister of Nature.  The Committee establishes Official estimates of rare animals in Mongolia, and determines the Official numbers that can be hunted and exported abroad.

(21) Samdangiin Banzragch:

C.I.T.E.S. Management Authority, and Director of the E.P.A. – a Class A smuggler (Mongolia):   Banzragch is an essential link in Mongolia’s black market trade. 

Banzragch coordinates falcon trade with Nick Fox. Fox and Banzragch banned a U.C.R. Board Member – the U.S.Department of Interior’s employee Dr. David H. Ellis – from conducting research inside Mongoliaas a measure to protect GOM smugglers.  Fox, Banzragch, and Sheikh Hamdan were behind a “leave of absence” and financial penalty, imposed upon Dr. Ellis by the U.S. Government.  They have twice demanded that the U.S. Government fire it’s own employee, with their most recent actions likely to succeed.  See the Evidentiary Exhibits on this web-site.

(22) Baddam:

C.I.T.E.S. Scientific Authority, responsible for issuing export permits – a Class A smuggler (Mongolia):  Baddam and Banzragch work in concert to extract bribery from Arabs. 

Baddam is intimately involved in supervising and extracting money from every foreign Official or biologist who smuggles falcons from Mongolia.  U.C.R.’s Evidentiary Exhibits detail his cottage industry on the side, whereby Baddam confiscates falcons from Class C smugglers, which he then resells to Class A and Class B smugglers.

(23) Dr. Bold:

Class A smuggler (Mongolia): Mongolia’s first smuggler, for the NationalAcademyof Sciences.

For more than ten years, Professor Bold has annually exported 25 rare falcons to Kuwait“for research”. The Official price for those falcons is $50,000. Unofficially, far more falcons are exported on the Kuwaiti courier jets, and at far higher prices than the officially acknowledged $2,000 sale price. (Tab Enclosure: 87 in ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I)  Professor Bold and the Kuwaitis have never yet published even one scientific paper on his findings or “research”.

Professor Bold appointed the young Nyambayar Batbayar to succeed him, by using science and captive-breeding projects as covers for falcon smuggling.

(24) Tsengeg Purevjav:

Class B smuggler (Mongolia):  As field assistant to the Department of Interior, and supported for his MongolianAcademyof Sciences thesis paper – Tsengeg nevertheless moonlighted on the side to assist illegal falcon extractions by Nick Fox and his U.A.E. teams.

With income realized from black market falcon sales, Tsengeg and his wife continue to live the good life in the United States.  The Department of Homeland Security acknowledged Tsengeg and his wife resided in the U.S.for several years without current, legal Visas.  Recent reports indicate these two black market implementing agents continue to reside illegally in the United States.

(25) Dr. Boldbutter:

Class B smuggler (Mongolia): Dr. Boldbutter smuggles falcons through the Academyof Sciences, independent from Dr. Bold.

Dr. Boldbutter advocates the shooting of golden eagles and vultures, as unwelcome pests in Mongolia.

(26) Ambassador Sairan:

Class A smuggler(Mongolia):   Ambassador Sairan represents Mongolia across all Arab Countries, organizing sales Agreements co-authored by Mr. Seseer from Mongolia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Each season, Ambassador Sairan houses falcon smugglers in his Mongolian residences.  Sairan sold 19 contraband falcons to Bahrain’s Sheikh Suleiman bin Mohammed al-Khalifa – and U.C.R. notified the authorities. The Sheikh was intercepted and quickly released at Cairo’s international airport, and the falcons were confiscated.  Ambassador Sairan’s daughter was arrested and imprisoned in Greecefor smuggling Heroin under status of Diplomatic Immunity arranged by her father.

(27) Ambassador Sh. Gungaadorj:

Class A smuggler (Mongolia):  Ambassador Gungaadorj is documented abandoning his post at the Mongolian Embassy in Kazakhstan, with his assistant and partner Mr. G. Seseer, to pursue today’s lucrative black market falcon trade in Mongolia.

Gungaadorj is documented throughout the Evidentiary Exhibits, engaged in illicit falcon sales to Saudi and Kuwaiti smugglers.  His testimony has implicated for the record, a number of co-conspirators operating inside Mongolia.

(28) Mr. G. Seseer:

Director of the Legal Department in the Ministry of External Relations – a Class A smuggler (Mongolia):  Mr. Seseer calls himself “the invisible man” who responsibility is to write unofficial Contracts between Mongolian Government Officials and Arab Governments, extraction interests, and biologists conducting “research” in Mongolia.

Extensive data on Seseer is revealed in the Evidentiary Exhibits.  An ambitious and dangerous man, Seseer is behind attempts to imprison, deport, and assault U.C.R. Personnel.  Ambassador Gungaadorj himself has testified and indicted his partner Mr. Seseer.

(29) Ambassador Alphonse LaPorta:

Class A facilitator (U.S.A.):  U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia, Alphonse LaPorta can be more aptly characterized as a representative of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, communicating with their offiicals and using his position in the Embassy to facilitate black market falcon trade.

Ambassador LaPorta obstructed every movement of U.C.R. Personnel, including Dr. David Ellis from the Department of Interior – simultaneous to facilitating and providing essential cover to Middle East falcon smuggling cartels. 

A man of mercurial emotions, LaPorta's actions were undertaken to the point of aggressively depriving a U.S.citizen of a viable defense in Mongolian court, defending against Mongolian Government Officials. Ambassador LaPorta repeatedly advertised threats, promising that if Dr. Ellis obeyed a court-ordered subpoena to defend UCR personnel in Mongolian court, Dr. Ellis would be "fired from the Department of Interior, and lose his retirement pension". 

U.C.R. won the court case, despite LaPorta's egregious actions.  The Mongolian Minister of Nature Adyasuren, lost his job due to his role smuggling falcons to royals of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. This former Minister then sought revenge against UCR.

LaPorta denied life-saving 'protective asylum' that was requested by UCR personnel from the US Embassy, and then he orchestrated their assault and political imprisonment in Mongolia. Ambassador LaPorta knowingly and aggressively threatened the lives of American citizens, fully detailed in the Evidentiary Exhibits.

(30) Ronald Deutch:

Class A facilitator (U.S.A.): As the embedded intelligence agency representative in Mongolia, Ronald Deutch supervised every step of Ambassador LaPorta’s actions against U.C.R. and it’s Board Member Dr. David H. Ellis, a U.S. Interior Department Employee.

Mr. Deutch is a husband of the current U.S. Ambassador Slutz. When he served as 'Deputy Chief of Mission' from 1997-99, Deutch spent a considerable portion of his carreer, aggressively orchestrating political support for UAE and Saudi royal smugglers who removed thousands of endangered falcons from Mongolia.

Concurrent to this, UCR received correspondence transmitted from Mr. Deutch to the U.S. State Department, and UCR also has accounts from witnesses, detailing how Mr. Deutch fanatically opposed wildlife conservation and U.C.R. personnel to the point of endangering the lives of several U.S. citizens, who were gravely injured.

See the Evidentiary Exhibits. Also see Tab Enclosure: 76 and Tab Enclosure: 77 in ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I

(31) John Sellar:

Senior Enforcement Officer, Geneva C.I.T.E.S. Secretariat – a Class A facilitator (Scotland): Mr. Sellar rewarded falcon smuggling Countries with today's easily fungible “Passport System”, while simultaneously throwing away the review process and licensing procedures required for C.I.T.E.S. Endangered and Threatened species.

Acting on U.C.R. information, Mr. Sellar imposed trade sanctions upon the U.A.E. ... but at the same time Mr. Sellar took no significant remdial actions against falcon exporting countries across ex-Soviet Asia.

While the U.S. Ambassador could not meet the U.A.E. President, Mr. Sellar (1) was invited to meet Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Hamdan in Abu Dhabi.  The U.A.E. President is renowned for his generosity, and it is nearly impossible to meet Sheikh Zayed without receiving lavish gifts. Did Mr. Sellar accept a financial gift from the U.A.E. President Sheikh Zayed?  Was there an exchange sufficient to influence Sellar’s decisions to:

(1) ignore ongoing smuggling by the U.A.E. Sheikhs Tab Enclosure: 30 in ACTIONS OF STATE (2) remove trade sanctions on the U.A.E. (3) throw away strict C.I.T.E.S. review protocols, including “no detriment” findings for the environment, as prerequisites to trade (5) completely throw away C.I.T.E.S. licensing protocols (6) which Mr. Sellar then replaced with a “Passport System”. 

The C.I.T.E.S. Passport System is not verifiable, and it does not consider detrimental effects of falcon trade on the environment. Falcon Passports are less credible than a parking garage pass.  It is no coincidence that Middle East falcon smugglers consider this new system as #1 on their wish list, and a coup for ongoing smuggling enterprises.

Mr. Sellar’s appeasement of Arab Government smuggling cartels – the lifting of trade sanctions, abrogation of C.I.T.E.S. licensing protocols, and implementation of the passport system – is certain to bring a final ruin upon wild falcons.

Mr. Sellar repeated the folly of Neville Chamberlain who declared “Peace for our time” after acceding to Hitler’s demands and the Munich Pact.  Sellar's assession to the interests of Arab falconers is even more poignant, when considering that Mr. Sellar was educated in Canada, under a Winston Churchill scholarship.

Chamberlain’s imprudence can be blamed on his naïve political disposition, and is forgivable – while Sellar’s egregious policies systematically advance U.A.E. falconry interests, and appear to be undertaken with full knowledge of the lethal consequences to wild falcons, eagles, and houbara bustards.

 (32) Kenneth Stansell:

Chairman, C.I.T.E.S. Standing Committee – a Class A facilitator (United States):  While employed to represent the USFWS and C.I.T.E.S., Mr. Stansell frequently works on behalf of the U.S. State Department, in State’s agenda to provide cover to Arab smuggling cartels.

Mr. Stansell’s committee has discretionary control over trade sanctions imposed upon offending Countries.  Compelled by U.C.R. evidence to support U.A.E. trade sanctions, and in concert with John Sellar, Mr. Stansell’s Standing Committee nevertheless rubber-stamped lifting of all U.A.E. trade sanctions, and subsequently rewarded U.A.E. smugglers with the “Passport System”.

(33) Dr. Frederick Launay:

World Wildlife Fund – a Class A smuggler (France):  As the sidekick to Nick Fox, Dr. Launay embellishes WWF Programs so they look good for public consumption – while actively smuggling falcons from Central Asia to the Middle East.

On June 28, 1995, Dr. Launay participated in Kazakhstan’s Ministerial meetings, aggressively opposing new law enforcement measures capable of stopping falcon smuggling forever. (Tab Enclosure: 12in ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I )  Dr. Launay implements a satellite-tracking Program for the U.A.E., whereby priceless falcons are released and monitored returning to wild nest-sites.  With the help of satellite transmitters, Launay’s Arab teams follows these falcons back to their nests – subsequently stealing the eggs, for laundering through U.A.E. and Walescaptive-breeding facilities.

(34) Yevgeni Potapov:

Assistant to Nick Fox – a Class A smuggler (Russia):   Potapov has worn a number of hats, from the U.A.E. E.R.W.D.A., N.A.R.C., and C.I.T.E.S. – all for purposes of facilitating black market trade to U.A.E. Sheikhs.

Fox, Launay, and Potapov work together as a team to conduct smuggling operations under the cloak of scientific research.  Potapov is an invaluable Russian co-conspirator for illicit trade originating from former SovietRepublics.  He is intimately familiar with the Russian Mafia, hired by Sheikh Khalifa to move Gyrfalcons out of Siberia.  His family resides in the United States– and with ill-gotten gains from black market falcon trade, Potapov is likely to follow.

(35) Igor Keriyaken:

Assistant to Nick Fox – a Class B smuggler (Russia):  A research biologist with a badly checkered past, renowned for smuggling falcons, always on the run.

Igor provides collections of Gyrfalcons for Nick Fox to choose in Novosibirsk.  Fox arrives as a tourist, selects and pays for the best birds, which are subsequently exported on courier aircraft operated by the Russian Mafia and Special Services. 

One such transaction resulted in the assault and near death of a U.C.R. Board Member, Dr. Valerie Moseikin, who witnessed Fox’s birds being loaded onto the jet. 

Fox publicly admitted his reliance upon Igor Keriyaken at the World Bird of Prey Conference in Budapest, May, 2003. Collaboration between these two individuals has become more pronounced, possibly due to a growing roster of contemporary biologists who refuse to associate with Nick Fox.

(36) Dr. Nigel Barton:

Class B facilitator (England):   A prominent U.A.E. falcon veterinary doctor who distorts science data to support ongoing falcon and Houbara smuggling. 

See Tab Enclosure: 27 in THE BRIEF

(37) Professor Vladimir Flint:

Class A smuggler (Russia):  Flint has a prolific past as a smuggler of Goshawks and Gyrfalcons.

Dr. David Ellis, a U.C.R. Board Member and employee from the U.S.Department of Interior, witnessed Professor Flint smuggling white Siberian Goshawks to Germany.  U.C.R. has monitored Flint selling to Arab trapping teams, the locations of rare falcons in Kazakhstanand Russian Siberia. (seeTab Enclosure: 09 in ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I)  Flint finally teamed up with Nick Fox, using his authority to illegally trap and export Gyrfalcons to the Middle East.

(38) Dr. Alexander (Sasha) Sorokin:

Class A smuggler (Russia):  Dr. Sorokin has a prolific history smuggling Goshawks and Gyrfalcons.

In exchange for cash money, Dr. Sorokin writes C.I.T.E.S. permits for U.A.E. and Saudi falcon extraction interests.  Dr. Sorokin also promotes Peregrine falcon breeding and release Programs – his programs release captive-bred non-native Peregrines into nature, and consequently cause lethal genetic pollution to wild falcon stocks. 

Dr. Sorokin has a history of illegally smuggling Siberian Goshawks to Germany, witnessed by Dr David H. Ellis, a U.C.R. Scientific Advisory Board member, who is also an employee of the U.S.Department of Interior.

(39) Egon Muller:

Class B smuggler (Germany):   Germany ’s most prolific smuggler of wild falcon eggs, for laundering through breeding farms.

U.C.R. Personnel lived in the home of Mr. Muller during the summer of 1985.  As a teenager, Egon Muller volunteered in the Hitler Youth of the Third Reich.  At the same time Mrs. Muller was in the League of German Girls – she frequently reenacted a meeting with her beloved Hitler, by imitating his hypnotic stare, while describing her spellbound admiration for his charisma.  Egon fought the war from a bicycle.  He was finally captured by the French, whom he recalls with bitterness, beat and starved him while in prison.  He was finally transferred to U.S.captors, who fed him and looked after him well.  Muller gave U.C.R. Personnel a rare, previously unpublished photo of his idol Hermann Goring, dressed as a falconer and carrying a Peregrine falcon.  SeeH. Goring  The Mullers are both hard-core, unrepentant Nazis.

Muller’s nickname is “Iceland Muller”, having been briefly imprisoned in Icelandfor smuggling Gyrfalcons. His first Icelandic birds were stolen as eyass nestlings, for which he was arrested and jailed.  After release from prison, Muller used his wartime experience to return on foot, 100 miles to the release site of his falcons, which he recaptured and smuggled to Germany.    Subsequent expeditions succeeded in smuggling Gyrfalcons from Iceland, Greenland, and Labrador Canada, with many colorful stories about portable Styrofoam egg incubators and Inuit betrayals. By 1985, his foundation captive-breeding stock included 14 pairs of white Greenlandic Gyrfalcons, 2 pairs of black Labrador Gyrfalcons, and several Icelandic pairs.  90% of Muller’s foundation breeding stock is of illegal origin, having been smuggled into Germanyfrom abroad.

Egon frequently packed captive-bred Gyrfalcons into his car, for smuggling into Spainfor sale to Prince Mansour bin Saud al-Saud, and other members of the Saudi Royal family.  Millions of dollars, which he called “black box” money, was hidden at the bottom of a gold fish pond in Muller’s garden.  Even during the winter he would daily take a dip in the ice-covered pond, to dive to it’s bottom where he would touch the bags holding his money, confirming they were still there.

The U.A.E. President Sheikh Zayed visited Muller’s farm, and personally purchased Gyrfalcons. Later, Egon was hired to supply illegal, wild Gyrfalcons exclusively to President Sheikh Zayed.  But when Sheikh Zayed learned Egon was also selling to the Saudis, he cancelled his relationship with Muller.

Following the sale of his Helvesiek farm to another falcon breeder, Muller returned to his favorite occupation: stealing falcon eggs from Russia and Kazakhstan, for laundering through European captive-breeding operations.

U.C.R. intercepted Muller at Moscowairport, when he smuggled Altai Gyrfalcons through Customs.  The falcons were “socked”, hooded, and restrained at the bottom of apple boxes.  Moscow Customs were bribed, and they consequently refused to make an arrest.  Information is sought on Muller’s activities across ex-Soviet Asia and the Middle East.  Both Egon Muller and his wife are Class B smugglers.

(40) Dr. Thomas Cade:

Class A facilitator (United States):   Dr. Cade is a co-founder of the Peregrine Fund.  The use of the “research” loophole, for transferring falcons into Middle East markets, was first achieved by Dr. Tom Cade and Dr. Charlie Schwartz.  Thus, the Peregrine Fund’s example became a blueprint, enlarged and perfected by Cade’s successors within the smuggling community, determined to utilize “research” as a “Trojan Horse” for black market trade.

The Peregrine Fund is responsible for the release into North American ecosystems, of thousands of non-native Peregrines and intra-specific Hybrids.  These mongrelized falcons are responsible for deleterious genetic pollution within wild stocks.  North American genomes can never recover their original genetic profile, having been replaced by captive-bred Hybrids.

Under the supervision of Dr. Cade, the Peregrine Fund transferred Gyrfalcons and Hybrids to the Bahrain Ruler Sheikh Issa al-Khalifa – allegedly for "research" – following which Sheikh Issa immediately donated U.S. $200,000.00 to the Peregrine Fund which is supposed to be a tax-exempt research institute.  These falcons were in fact sold by the Peregrine Fund’s representative, Dr. Charlie Schwartz. Therefor, this transaction was “ground zero” for black market commerce operating under the guise of scientific research.

Cade’s distinguished career as a field researcher is compromised by his advocacy on behalf of his commercial falcon breeders – to the point of manipulating markets and price-fixing.  See “price fixing” in Tab Enclosure: 02 to THE BRIEF

(41) Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan:

Saudi Arabia ’s Ambassador to the United States – a Class A smuggler (Saudi Arabia):   Prince Bandar has acknowledged his criminal actions. The Saudi Ambassador smuggled rare falcons from Canada and WashingtonD.C. to his uncle Prince Badr bin Abdulaziz and his father Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Defense.  For these offenses a punishment penalty of $150,000 was levied and paid to the USFWS, following which the details of criminal actions were covered up by the U.S.State Department.

In ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I, see Tab Enclosure: 84;  Tab Enclosure: 85-A; and Tab Enclosure: 86

(42) Ambassador Prince Turki al-Faisal al-Saud:

Saudi Arabia ’s Ambassador to the U.K. – a Class A smuggler (Saudi Arabia):   Prince Turki’s actions are not available for public disclosure. 

(43) The Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud al-Faisal:

Class A smuggler (Saudi Arabia):   is instrumental in facilitating and covering actions of his brother Prince Turki and other Princes engaged in illicit hunts abroad. 

On July 31, 2002, Prince Saud al-Faisal privately met U.C.R. personnel as guests at his JeddahPalace, and personally admitted he controls every aspect of Abdulaziz Abuzinada’s work.  It is fair to deduce that Prince Saud convened this meeting to discover the extent of U.C.R.’s knowledge of al-Qaeida convening with Saudi Royals during hunts in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan.  See Letter to Congressman Stephen J. Solarz

(44) Prince Waleed bin Talal:

Class A smuggler (Saudi Arabia):  The “one size fits all” Prince, Waleed attempts to satisfy all sides of the Saudi family.

The owner of Kingdom Holdings, and the largest shareholder of Citicorp.  Prince Waleed acquires contraband wild white Gyrfalcons from Russian Siberia, for himself and other Princes. Waleed also sells exotic, customized falcon hunting vehicles, called “Desert Palaces” to other members of the Saudi Royal Family.  Tab Enclosure: 03 to THE BRIEF

(45) Prince Mansour bin Saud al-Saud:

Class A smuggler (Saudi Arabia): Prince Mansour smuggles falcons under cover of Diplomatic Immunity, authorized by letters signed by the Saudi Minister of Defense, delivered to foreign Governments.

Prince Mansour is a son of Saudi Arabia’s second monarch, King Saud.  Prince Mansour smuggled falcons out of Canada, via John Slaytor, during OPERATION FALCON.  He expanded smuggling operations out of ex-Soviet Asia, beginning in 1992.  (see Tab Enclosure: 09 in ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I) Prince Mansour captures falcons for his own use, and as Hadiya gifts for Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi Minister of Defense.

(46) Prince Mohammed bin Bandar bin Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Saud:

Class A smuggler (Saudi Arabia): ventures to Central Asia to harvest contraband falcons as Hadiya gifts for his father Prince Bandar, and for Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi Minister of Defense.  Tab Enclosure: 10 in ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I.

(47) Khalid al-Ibrahim:

Class A smuggler (Saudi Arabia):   As an implementing agent for the Saudi Royals, Mr. Khalid buys the best contraband falcons from ex-Soviet Asia.  Khalid maintains a tented desert encampment outside of Riyadh, where these falcons are transferred to members of the Saudi Royal Family.

(48) John Slaytor:

Class A smuggler (England): Slaytor was the most significant contraband falcon supplier to Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Defense, Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz.  For this and other reasons, Slaytor was the primary target in Canada’s OPERATION FALCON.  After several years of investigative surveillance, the Crown arrested Mr. Slaytor. 

Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz was going to be fingered in upcoming court evidence, certain to convict John Slaytor.  Consequently, Prince Sultan facilitated Mr. Slaytor’s jumping bail and subsequent escape from Canada, to Saudi Arabia.  At that time there were warrants for the arrest of Mr. Slaytor, in Canada and the United States.  Prince Sultan personally received Mr. Slaytor at his RiyadhPalace, and rewarded his loyalty by harboring and protecting this international fugitive – wanted in both Canada and the United States. 

Mr. Slaytor lived as a close confidant to Prince Sultan for many years in his Riyadhand Jeddah palaces.  While living in Saudi Arabiaas an internationally wanted fugitive, Mr. Slaytor continued a lucrative career smuggling falcons for the Minister of Defense.  Slaytor is reputed to reside in Englandafter suffering a stroke.

(49) Dr. Hanny Tatwani:

Saudi C.I.T.E.S. – a Class A smuggler (Saudi Arabia): Tatwani is a younger, aggressive and ambitious implementing agent for Dr. Abuzinada.

Tatwani accompanies Prince Sultan on foreign hunting expeditions.  He papers illegal falcons, illegal Houbara, and Royal hunts so they look legal.

(50) Dr. Patrick Paillat:

The Director of the “WildlifeResearchCenter” in Taif, Saudi Arabia – a Class B facilitator:  Dr. Paillat is essential as an implementing agent for Abuzinada and the Saudi Princes, in order to give a legitimate public appearance to rampant falcon and Houbara smuggling enterprises.

(51) Abdullah Matar Bani Malek:

Class B facilitator (Saudi Arabia): Abdullah is the Director, Environment and Wildlife Management.  Among other duties, Malek works to ensure falcon smuggling occurs “under radar screen”.

(52) Khalid al-Shamsi:

Class B smuggler (U.A.E.): Mr. Khalid is a prolific falcon smuggler, and recently broke trade United Nations C.I.T.E.S. trade sanctions with Mohammed al-Bowardi.  Tab Enclosure: 30 ACTIONS OF STATE.

(53) Yousef al-Otaiba:

Class B smuggler (U.A.E.):  Mr. al-Otaiba assists Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed’s contraband falcon acquisitions.  On May 14, 2002, Mr. al-Otaiba and Sheikh Mohammed (a Triad Sheikh) met Vice President Dick Cheney in the U.S.

(54) Saud bin Abdulaziz al-Babtain:

Class B smuggler (Kuwait):   Mr. Saud al-Babtain has employed hunting trips in Mongoliaas a cover for catching and exporting falcons.

The Al-Babtain family provides falcons to the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the Minister of Defense Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, and the Minister of Interior Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz.  Saud Al-Babtain’s Mongolian liaison is Ambassador Gungaadorj and Mr. Seseer.

(55) Kareem:

An Iraqi Diplomat working for President Saddam Hussein in the Beijing, China Iraqi Embassy – a Class B smuggler (Iraq):   Kareem is mentioned extensively throughout U.C.R.’s Evidentiary Exhibits. 

U.C.R. Detectives arrested Kareem and his Mongolian wife, and confiscated contraband falcons.  Kareem’s wife is a cousin of Mongolian President Bagabandi.  They were immediately released from Police custody.

(56) Togi and Bianbar:

Class C smugglers (Mongolia):  U.C.R. detectives arrested Togi and Bianbar with contraband falcons.  The falcons were privately resold to Arabs, by Professor Bold in the Academyof Sciences.

(57) Paul Charles Mullin and Jeffrey Paul Lundrum:

Class B smugglers (England and South Africa):  After several notifications by U.C.R.’s Law Enforcement Advisory Board members to Quebec and Labrador authorities, on May 18, 2002, these two men were arrested in Kuujjuak (FortChimo), Canada. 

Mullin and Lundrum were recruited by Nick Fox to acquire rare black Labrador Gyrfalcon eggs, for laundering through the Walescaptive-breeding facility. 

(58) Anatoli Kovalenko:

Class B smuggler (Russia): in Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka sells Gyrfalcons to Middle East extraction interests.

Living in close proximity to wild Gyrfalcons, Kovalenko traps Gyrfalcons which are sold to visiting Arabs.

(59) Dr. Vladimir Santalov:

Class A smuggler (Russia):  In a remote and luxurious Petropavlovsk sauna reserved exclusively for top “Pravitelstvo” Officials, Dr. Santalov and his associates proposed to U.C.R. undercover personnel, the rental of a Russian nuclear submarine under their control, for smuggling falcons from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the United Arab Emirates.

As Chairman of “Kamchatka’s Regional Committee for Nature Protection”, Santalov controlled falcon traffic until he disappeared under mysterious circumstances, after having stolen Western-donated wildlife conservation funds.  Described in the Evidentiary Exhibits, U.C.R. developed an extensive dossier on Dr. Santalov, a frequent visitor to the United States.

Organized Cartels:

(61) The Peregrine Fund:

The Peregrine Fund established the blueprint for today’s most fashionable falcon smuggling techniques, by deploying “research” as a cloak for supplying falcons to Middle East falconers. 

The Peregrine Fund’s most conspicuous transaction was the export of Gyrfalcons and Hybrids to Sheikh Issa al-Khalifa, the Ruler of Bahrain – allegedly for “research”.  Following receipt of Peregrine Fund falcons, Sheikh Issa donated U.S. $200,000 to the tax-exempt Peregrine Fund. 

The Peregrine Fund has influenced USFWS policy decisions favorable to it’s principals, and engaged in price-fixing for an elite group of millionaire biologists and other allies who breed and sell Peregrine Fund hybrid falcons today.  In this regard, the Peregrine Fund is “Ground Zero”, representing the beginning of modern falcon traffic.  Tab Enclosure: 02 to THE BRIEF

(62) The U.S.State Department:

The State Department has a policy of covering for Arab Royals engaged in smuggling falcons.  The Evidentiary Exhibits and Actions of State generously detail how conservation Programs and U.S.citizens have been endangered and sacrificed by State, for the benefit of Royal smugglers.  U.S. Federal employees have been penalized and fined for reporting Arab smugglers.  Mandates of the Department of Interior have been routinely over-ridden and revoked on the orders of the State Department.

During OPERATION FALCON the State Department provided cover for offenses by Ambassador Prince Bandar, his father the Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan, and his uncle Prince Badr bin Abdulaziz, a brother of the Saudi monarch.  In ENCLOSURES TO EXHIBIT I, see Tab Enclosure: 84;  Tab Enclosure: 85-A; and Tab Enclosure: 86

The State Department’s policy continues to assist Saudi and U.A.E. Royals, intent on breaking international laws and the U.N. C.I.T.E.S. treaty.  Al-Qaeida capitalizes on immunity provided by the U.S.State Department, by utilizing courier aircraft to smuggle both falcons and prohibited weapons.

(63) the U.A.E. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries,
the U.A.E. Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency (E.R.W.D.A.),
the U.A.E. National Avian Research Center (N.A.R.C.),
the U.A.E. Federal Environment Agency (F.E.A.),
 the Saudi National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development:

Class A facilitating agencies (U.A.E., Saudi Arabia):   These organizations represent the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabian Governments.  They publicly self-anoint themselves, while proclaiming their field Programs conserve falcons and Houbara – while their implementing agents are the fundamental cause for the regional extinction of Asian falcons.  These organizations convene meetings and exchange money, then execute the official handshake that clearly enables Government-to-Government falcon smuggling and Houbara smuggling from ex-Soviet Asia to the Middle East.

These Class A facilitating agencies are extensively detailed in the Evidentiary Exhibits, along with hundreds of these agencies’ officials and implementing agents, including Fox, Launay, Potapov, al-Bowardi, Kenward, Abuzinada, etc.

(64) The I.U.C.N:

The I.U.C.N. and the I.U.C.N./S.S.C. Wildlife Trade Program have failed to perform according to their mandate.

The I.U.C.N./S.S.C. were appointed by C.I.T.E.S. in 2000 to reform captive-breeding operations and falcon trade, so as to conserve an endangered resource.  Nothing whatsoever has been accomplished. It is fair to deduce Middle East extraction interests, combined with Western captive-breeding cartels are to blame.

(65) The Russian Mafia:

Class B smugglers:   The Russian Mafia is systemic in falcon trade, having embedded themselves within Arab Royal families as social friends and parasitic business associates. 

As an unpaid advocate of the U.C.R. conservation Program, U.S.Ambassador Chas. Freeman also believes the presence of the Russian Mafia within Middle East Royalty constitutes a threat to regional security.  SeeTHE BRIEFandACTIONS OF STATE

Nick Fox confessed to a U.C.R. Board Member (Dr. David Ellis) that his boss, the U.A.E. Crown Prince Sheikh Khalifa, hires the Russian Mafia to smuggle Gyrfalcons out of Russian Siberia. Fox stated to Interior that if U.C.R.’s anti-smuggling Program is implemented, the Crown Prince will stop financing Nick Fox’s “research” across Central Asia.  This revelation is not surprising, because “field research” is – in the case of the parties identified in the Evidentiary Exhibits – a “Trojan Horse” that serves to provide cover for Central Asian and Middle Eastern smuggling cartels, sanctioned by host Governments.

The Russian Mafia attacked and nearly killed another U.C.R. Board Member (Dr. Valeri Moseikin) when he witnessed Gyrfalcons transiting through Novosibirskon the Crown Prince Sheikh Khalifa’scourier jet.  The Evidentiary Exhibits and sworn testimonials of several Mafia targets, demonstrate the extent of Saudi and U.A.E. dependence on the Russian Mafia.  Filmed testimonials are available to law enforcement agencies.

(66) the World Wildlife Fund (W.W.F.):

The U.A.E. branch of the World Wildlife Fund is utilized by Dr. Fred Launay (above) as a cloak for smuggling under the guise of “scientific research”.

See the Evidentiary Exhibits for additional material on Dr. Launay and the World Wildlife Fund.

(67) C.I.T.E.S:

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (C.I.T.E.S.) is the most essential component to today’s black market trade.

Rather than controlling trade, the convention is represented by regional “falcon warlords” from Mongolia, to Kazakhstan, the U.A.E., and Saudi Arabia – each of whom are fabulously wealthy as a consequence of private enrichment on the back of today’s thriving illicit black market.  Today’s U.S. $300,000,000 black market would be impossible without C.I.T.E.S.