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U.A.E. Biologists Use Satellite Transmitters
to Find and Kill Rare Houbara Bustards

On October 14, 2003 it is revealed that U.A.E. biologists are now using satellite transmitters to find and kill rare Houbara Bustards.  This is a typical example of how 'wildlife conservation programs' and 'biological research' is used as a Trojan Horse to locate, smuggle, hunt down, and kill critically endagered species.

Here, the UAE is publicly claiming to “study” Houbara Bustards with satellite transmitters that are used to follow these rare migratory birds.

However, satellite transmitters are in fact used to track the movement of Houbara Bustards, returning to their native breeding grounds in Central Asia.  After Dr. Nick Fox (ERWDA, NARC), Dr. Fred Launay (WWF), and Dr. Paul Goriup (IUCN) located the Houbara Bustard breeding territories, they revealed to the UAE sheikhs who are their paymasters, the GPS coordinates on precisely where these rare Houbara live and breed.

After this critical discovery by the biologists - communicated to the royal sheikhs and princes - fleets of private jets and military aircraft arrived with thousands of trained hunting falcons.  Previously safe in remote isolation, Kazakhsta's Houbara breeding populations are now in the process of being wiped out – only because of "biologists" who serve their sheikhs by using satellite transmitters to locate the last remnant populations of this rare bird.

For Arabs to hunt the already endangered Houbara Bustards in the heart of their primary breeding territory, is equivalent to terrorists visiting the Maternity Ward in your local hospital, and shooting pregnant mothers for sport.

In October, 2003, the UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed secretly arrived in one such region of Kazakhstan – where in just one month the President hunted and killed over 1,100 C.I.T.E.S. Schedule I Endangered Houbara.  The UAE President still repeats this annual hunt, with fewer birds killed each season, because the Bustards are simply gone.

Sheikh Khalifa's annual Houbara Bustard hunts in the center of Kazakhstan's breeding territories, would be impossible without the World Wildlife Fund (Dr. Launay), the IUCN (Dr. Paul Goriup), and UAE-government conservation organizations ERWDA and NARC that are directed by Dr. Nick Fox and Mohammed al-Bowardi. These organizations and individuals are documented throughout the Evidentiary Exhibits , and the 'Ten Most Wanted' and the 'Merchants of Extinction' .