Falcon "Passports" as a Mechanism of Black Market Trade

The United Nations is Facilitating
Today's Illegal Black Market Trade in Rare Falcons:

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U.C.R.'s response to "Federal Register RIN 1018 - AD87"

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Germany's "Committee Against Bird Crime" RE Fed. Reg. RIN 1018 - AD87

The United States Fish & Wildlife Service Division of Management Authority for the United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) proposes to implement a similar administrative system that is today responsible for 'laundering' countless thousands of contraband falcons into the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

U.C.R. has expressed it's opinion on this reprehensible proposal (click the hotlinks above).

May 19, 2006: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Division of Management Authority that is responsible for implementing the U.N. CITES treaty for the U.S., announced today that the United States shall implement a new wildlife trading system called "Falcon Passports". This is the same system that is essential to black market trade mechanisms, currently at work in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 

The U.S. proposal for "Falcon Passports" can be viewed at Federal Register: RIN 1018 - AD87 .  Due to the influence of the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia within the U.S. State Department, this unreasonable measure shall become U.S. law, despite objections from environmental groups.

June 12, 2006:  The 'Senior Enforcement Officer' for the United Nations CITES Secretariat in Geneva, Mr. John Sellar, informed U.C.R. that the United Arab Emirates has issued somewhere "between 20,000 to 30,000 'Falcon Passports' for falcons held captive in the U.A.E." 

Mr. Sellar indicated that the majority of these falcons are of illegal origin - i.e. black market birds that were smuggled from China and former Soviet territories including Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia.

Sellar also explained that even though he was responsible for implementing the system at work in the Gulf, the only way that U.C.R. can retrieve the full details and current numbers of illegal falcons that have been issued CITES "falcon passports", is to ask the offending countries how many falcons their political leaders have smuggled and subsequently covered with "passports".

This system of Falcon Passports has in effect, legalized today's industrial-scale falcon smuggling. The primary advocate for Falcon Passports in the United Arab Emirates is Dr. Frederick Launay .  Dr. Launay is the World Wildlife Fund representative for the UAE, who is also paid a King's ransom by the same U.A.E. sheikhs who continue to smuggle thousands of critically endangered falcons and Houbara bustards every year.

If only half of the trained falcons now covered with "falcon passports" were to hunt and kill just one Houbara Bustard, the detrimental effect on bustards would be lethal because Houbara bustards are already listed by the United Nations CITES as a "Schedule I Endangered" species.  Also consider that nobody outside of the Middle East, knows how many hunting falcons have been issued "falcon passports" inside Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. 

Two 'Position Papers' Submitted: 

June 19, 2006:  The Union for the Conservation of Raptors submitted it's position paper to the USFWS Division of Management Authority, which represents the United Nations CITES treaty.  U.C.R. opposes "falcon passports" and other measures advanced by Middle East interests at work in the United States, at the cost of U.S. compliance with the CITES treaty. U.C.R. argues in the position paper, that "Falcon Passports" are "detrimental to the survival of wild falcons, houbara bustards, and golden eagles.

July 26, 2006:  Germany's "Committee Against Bird Crime" has partnered with U.C.R. in opposing falcon passports.  Significantly, the issuance of "Falcon Passports" by the U.S. CITES Division of Management Authority will serve to subvert Germany's strong laws that prohibit the breeding of hybrid falcons, and the escape of non-native falcons into local ecosystems where they breed with wild falcons, causing catastrophic  'genetic pollution'.  Please review the Committee's position paper .

"Falcon Passports" as a Mechanism of Black Market Trade

"Falcon Passports" have facilitated smuggling of between 20,000 - 30,000 contraband falcons into the United Arab Emirates.  "Falcon Passports" also guarantee regional extirpations of wild Houbara Bustards, already under threat of extinction. The same WWF biologists and CITES officials who are paid by Middle East leaders to implement this system in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, are now proposing "Falcon Passports" for the USA.  As practised today, Middle East falconry does not represent "sustainable use", and Arabian falconry hunts cause "net harm" to wild falcons, eagles, and houbara bustards.  Please read the position papers of U.C.R. and the "Committee Against Bird Crime" (above).