NEWS: Middle East Smuggling Cartels Subvert Science

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U.A.E. Blame-Shifts, While Diverting Attention Away From Smuggling

On September 23, 2003 the United Arab Emirates once again subverts the truth, by diverting public attention away from smuggling as the single greatest cause for the regional extinctions of Saker falcons ... while actually objecting to U.N. trade sanctions that helped to shut down today's out-of-control black market.

And, no mention is made of Golden Eagles, which U.A.E. and Saudi falconers shoot by the thousands every year, because eagles interfere with sport falconry.

Here, the UAE Government, which is itself committed to smuggling falcons with the help of military aircraft, claims the U.N. CITES trade sanctions have “not been very helpful".  The Evidentiary Exhibits  submitted by the Union for the Conservation of Raptors, were in fact responsible for United Nations trade sanctions against the UAE in 2001 and 2002.

UAE Estimates for Falcon Population Declines, are Grossly Understated  

– The UAE finally confesses that 8,600 falcons are "used" in the Middle East region. To be truthful, the UAE should state that these falcons are all black market specimens, smuggled by the royal family.

– UCR's Exhibits demonstrate that 14,000 falcons were smuggled into the Gulf during 2001.  The UAE is a clearing house for black market falcons, many of which are re-exported to their final destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

– The UAE is over-emphasizing "habitat loss" and "reduction of small mammal populations", as the cause for regional extinctions of Saker falcons. Even "legal trapping at nests and during migration" is a paltry excuse, because there is relatively little legally authorized trapping.

the real reason for regional falcon extinctions is government-sanctioned smuggling, undertaken by United Nations CITES officials and western biologists who are paid by royal sheikhs and princes.

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UAE 'Biologists' Use Satellite Transmitters
to Find and Kill Rare Houbara Bustards

On October 14, 2003, it is revealed that U.A.E. biologists are now using satellite transmitters to find and kill rare Houbara Bustards.  This is a typical example of how 'wildlife conservation programs' and 'biological research' is used as a Trojan Horse to locate, smuggle, hunt down, and kill endagered species.

Here, the UAE is publicly claiming to “study” Houbara Bustards by using satellite transmitters to follow these rare migratory birds.

However: satellite transmitters are in fact used to track the movement of Houbara Bustards, returning to their native breeding grounds in Central Asia.  After Dr. Nick Fox (ERWDA, NARC), Dr. Fred Launay (WWF), and Dr. Paul Goriup (IUCN) located the Houbara Bustard breeding territories, they revealed to the UAE sheikhs who are their paymasters, the GPS coordinates on precisely where these rare Houbara live and breed.

One example is Kazakhstan, where the biologists led the U.A.E. President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed to the world's largest Houbara Bustard 'rookery' ... previously unknown to the world.  The Sheikh then paid President Nazarbayev U.S. $50,000,000 for ten years of hunting rights.  An airstrip and palaces were built, while Kazakhstan's President provides his contingent of personal bodygaurds -- numbering 3,000 men -- to cordon off the entire province. 

For Arabs to hunt the already endangered Houbara Bustards in the heart of their primary breeding territory, is equivalent to a terrorist visiting the Maternity Ward in your local hospital, and shooting pregnant mothers for sport.

After this critical discovery by the biologists - communicated to the royal sheikhs and princes - fleets of private jets and military aircraft arrived with thousands of trained hunting falcons.  Previously safe in remote isolation, Kazakhsta's Houbara populations are now in the process of being wiped out – only because of "biologists" who serve their sheikhs by using satellite transmitters to locate the last remnant populations of this rare bird.

In October, 2003, the UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed secretly arrived in one such region of Kazakhstan – where in just one month the President hunted and killed over 1,100 C.I.T.E.S. Schedule I Endangered Houbara.  The UAE President still repeats this annual hunt, with fewer birds killed each season, because the Bustards are simply gone.

Sheikh Khalifa's annual Houbara Bustard hunts in the center of Kazakhstan's Bustard breeding territories, would be impossible without the World Wildlife Fund (Dr. Launay), the IUCN (Dr. Paul Goriup), and UAE-government conservation organizations (Dr. Nick Fox and Mohammed al-Bowardi) - who are described throughout the Evidentiary Exhibits , and the 'Ten Most Wanted' and the 'Merchants of Extinction' .

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 “Field Biology” is Used as Cover for Royal Hunters
to Kill Endangered Species

On October 14, 2003 the United Arab Emirates 'conservation' agency ERWDA reports how the National Avian Research Center (NARC) is using "field biology" to locate and kill endangered Houbara Bustards.  This is a classic example of U.A.E. propaganda, subverting and using 'wildlife conservation' and 'biology', only as a means to satisfy the hunting interests of the 'Triad Sheikhs'.

In this case U.A.E. “desert rangers” - who are nothing more than hunting scouts - search for remnant populations of Houbara Bustards.  When these “desert rangers” locate the rare birds, the Triad Sheikhs are notified.

High-speed desert chase vehicles are airlifted to the remote desert.  When everything is ready, the Triad Sheikhs and their extended royal families and tribal colleagues arrive by helicopters to kill every last Bustard with trained falcons.

This desert carnage is made possible through the use of satellite transmitters and biologists, who use every technology, including satellite transmitters, to find Bustards for the hunt.

This is not traditional Arab falconry.  In the UAE, the tradition of hunting Houbara is banned for all local people – except for the royal Sheikhs, for whom the final, last Houbara Bustard is reserved.