NEWS: Breeding Falcons on Farms - Not the Solution

2003 09 25   After smuggling and wiping out thousands of wild falcons, the United Arab Emirates (1) throws away U.N. licensing protocols that obstruct smuggling and (2) invests in falcon farms that destroy the remaining wild falcons, by causing deleterious genetic pollution.

The UAE admits that 9,000 falcons are retained for falconry in the Arabian Gulf, however this is misleading. UCR reliably calculates that in 2001, over 14,000 falcons were smuggled into the Gulf.

A renowned smuggler, the UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamdan has appointed Mohammed al-Bowardi as the United Nations CITES Management Authority . UCR's Evidentiary Exhibits abound with data on Bowardi's falcon smuggling enterprises. Because falcon smuggling is a top priority of Sheikh Hamdan and Mohammed al-Bowardi, this claim of only "9,000 falcons" retained for sport falconry in the Arabian Gulf, is deceptive.

After this subject of UAE falcon smuggling was raised by UCR with the FBI, the U.S. Department of Interior, and the United Nations ... only then did the UAE finally confess to Mr. John Sellar  that more than "30,000 illegally acquired Gyrfalcons, Peregrines, and Saker falcons" were retained in the UAE.  This number was later revised, downward to 6,000 black market specimens in the UAE.

"Falcon Passports"
World Wildlife Fund Facilitates Traffic in  Black Market Falcons

Recognizing that tens of thousands of illegally aquired falcons in the Gulf could not qualify for U.N. CITES export licenses for international hunting trips, Dr. Frederick Launay was paid by the sheikhs to create the solution:  As the World Wildlife Fund representative, Dr. Launay threw away U.N. licensing protocols, which were replaced by easily fungible 'falcon passports'.

This fatal step by corrupted CITES and WWF representatives, also evades the science-based, United Nations 'no detriment finding', which must be established prior to issuance of U.N. CITES export licenses. No falcon in the UAE can pass the 'no detriment' test, and that is why CITES export licenses are abandoned for falcons, on the advice of this World Wildlife Fund representative.

Today, many thousands of black market falcons are moving across international borders, for illegal falconry hunts.  There are no U.N. licensing protocols in place beyond 'falcon passports', that have about as much value and veracity as a $5.00 movie pass.

Falcon Farms Destroy Wild Falcons, Thru 'Genetic Pollution'

Dr. Nick Fox is promoting industrial-scale captive-breeding farms for Arab falconers.  While earning tens of millions of dollars for Fox and other corrupted “biologists” – these farms actually lead to the final destruction of wild falcons. Every year, hundreds of non-native Hybridized farm falcons escape and are released into nature, where they interbreed with genetically distinct, wild gene pools. The genetic integrity of these wild falcons is forever destroyed.

After smuggling and wiping out falcon populations across Central Asia – today's black market perpetrators now propose to actually replace pure wild falcons with mongrelized captive-bred specimens.

2003 09 24   Contrary to UAE and Saudi Arabian claims, captive-bred farm falcons do not reduce demand for wild falcons. See 'Captive-Bred Falcons Causing 'Genetic Pollution' in Wild Falcons'

5,000 falcons treated in only one Saudi falcon hospital, were actually smuggled from Central Asia, into Saudi Arabia by senior Saudi Royal Princes who rule the Kingdom.

The Saudi plan to build more falcon farms will be fatal to wild falcons, because non-native, mongrelized captive-bred falcons often escape, or they are deliberately released into nature – where they interbreed with wild falcons, whose distinct genetics are destroyed forever.

2003 09 24   The UAE characterizes falconry as "traditional".  Indeed, falconry was traditional in the past, when the only means of transportation in the Gulf were horses, camels and donkeys.   In those days, falconry was also sustainable, when 100 Houbara Bustards could be easily seen within a two-day camel ride from Abu Dhabi, near the Al Ain oasis.

UCR's CEO went hunting with a marvelous friend, the former UAE President H.H. Shaikh Zayed. During that 3 day falconry hunt in 1981, not one Houbara Bustard was encountered. By that time, Bustards had been almost entirely wiped out in the Arabian peninsula.  Causing the extinction of falcons and Houbara Bustards is not an Arab "tradition", nor is it a right.

There is also nothing "traditional" about Arab falconers using private jets to deliver hundreds of hunting guests to foreign countries, where they catch falcons and kill Houbara Bustard in the center of their breeding territories. It is not "traditional" to breed hundreds of non-native falcons on factory farms, which are then released into Central Asian ecosystems where they destroy entire wild falcon populations, by causing deleterious genetic pollution.

Today's U.S. $300,000,000 black market in falcons is funded and directed by royal princes and sheikhs, who rule the Arabian Gulf, and who order their governments to subvert the science of Western biologists.  Middle East extraction interests – operating under cover of government authority – have corrupted the United Nations CITES Treaty, WWF, the World Working Group on Birds of Prey, and several foreign governments detailed in U.C.R.’s Evidentiary Exhibits.

Today's incarnation of Arabian falconry, is nothing less than environmental terrorism and piracy.