News Articles of Interest - Miscellaneous

2003 09 23   The U.A.E. government sponsors the “Arabian Hunting Show”.

Today's primary falcon smugglers attended, including the U.A.E. Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed who is one of the U.A.E. “Triad Sheikhs” , responsible for bankrolling and directing falcon smuggling from ex-Soviet Asia to the Gulf. 

Sheikh Hamdan's primary implementing agent is Mohammed al-Bowardi, who Sheikh Hamdan appointed as the U.A.E. United Nations CITES Management Authority.  Dr. Nick Fox, Dr. Frederick Launay (WWF), and Dr. Potapov are paid to use 'field biology' as a propaganda tool to 'put a good face' on the negative effects of Arab falcon smuggling cartels.

In this article, the U.A.E. fiercely objects to U.N. CITES trade sanctions imposed upon the U.A.E., as the consequence of U.C.R.’s Evidentiary Exhibits disclosed to the F.B.I., the U.S. Department of Interior, and the United Nations CITES.

2003 09 09   The U.A.E. Minister of Defense, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, is a notorious U.A.E. falcon smuggler and African big game poacher, who also spends lavishly in the United States.

Listed among today’s 'Ten Most Wanted' , Sheikh Mohammed frequently visits the United States with thoroughbred horses transported in his fleet of Boeing 747 aircraft.  This sheikh recently spent U.S. $89,000,000 buying thoroughbred racing horses in the U.S.A.

Sheikh Mohammed is described in U.C.R.’s Evidentiary Exhibits, as among the more notable falcon smugglers operating inside ex-Soviet Asia.  Sheikh Mohammed is counted among the most prolific big game poachers in Africa, operating private airstrips in Tanzania that recieve his guests and equipment on U.A.E. military transport aircraft. 

This sheikh has machine-guns mounted next to his elevated sofas on the roofs of his H-1 Hummers. The machine guns are used to slaughter wild game.

UCR notified the United Nations CITES Secretariat about Sheikh Mohammed's African wildlife transgressions.  A corrupted U.N. official working in the Secretariat confirmed in writing, the accuracy of UCR's report, but did nothing to oppose the sheikh's army-hunts.

Additionally, Sheikh Mohammed is responsible for the UAE C-130 military aircraft that were sent under his authority, to support the falconry 'Money Camps' in Afghanistan where, for an entire month, UAE sheikhs were hosting Osama bin Laden as their VIP guest.