NEWS: Government-To-Government Wildlife Smuggling

2004 10 27 the United Arab Emirates smuggles endangered falcons through a Russian military airbase in Kyrgyzstan.    Kyrgyzstan's Parliament threatens to cancel Russia's lease, and close the airbase. The ringleader, a Russian General, is shot to death.

On October 23, 2003 Russia’s President Vladimir Putin opened 'Kant' airbase as part of the “Collective Security Treaty” between Russia and ex-Soviet territories.  Russia's strategic airbase was created as a  military response to balance the new U.S. military presence in Kyrgyzstan.

But this government airbase that is closed to the public, is also used by Turkey, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates as a transit venue for contraband falcons, weapons, narcotics, and other black market items destined for the Arabian Gulf.

In August, 2004 U.C.R. convened in-depth meetings with government analysts regarding the use of dual-purpose courier jets for moving al-Qaeda's leaders, weapons, cars, cash, and contraband falcons. The use of Russia’s military airports and bases, civilian airports, and palatial royal airports in the Arabian peninsula were reviewed in detail.  Following U.C.R.’s disclosures, successful interdictions occurred at Kant airbase on October 27, 2004. see the photos here

U.C.R. has documented how Middle East governments continue to corrupt Central Asian governments, so that border and customs controls are waived for courier jets, on smuggling missions for royal sheikhs and princes.

Previously, commercial airports that are accessible to the public, were the preferred smuggling venue for the Turkmenistan President’s jet and Saudia Airline.   see slides # 28 thru # 31    U.C.R.'s interdiction campaign has driven these smuggling enterprises further underground, so their next-best option is to use military airbases, closed to the public.

As a dangerous new trend, today the United Arab Emirates evades law enforcement, by using military airbases that are closed to the public. Military airbases are the new stealthy venue for terror agendas and smuggling enterprises.

The use of secure military bases (across ex-Soviet Asia) and royal airports (in the Middle East)  as preferred venues for smuggling by Middle East princes and sheikhs, has actually increased since U.C.R. initiated a public awareness campaign, alerting citizens who are now on the lookout for smugglers operating out of civilian airports. For the United Arab Emirates, military airbases and royal airports are comparable to Saddam Hussein’s rat-hole, when he was on the run from coalition forces. These secure airstrips provide a discreet operational venue, essential to a wide range of Gulf-financed criminal enterprises.

Russian General Konstantin Dementyev
the Ringleader of Falcon Smuggling at Kant Airbase,
is Murdered Days After the Kant Smuggling Scandal Publicly Erupts

On November 01, 2004 General Konstantin Dementyev was urgently called to Moscow, where he was summarily shot and killed. General Dementyev was the “Vice Commander In Chief” of Strategic Aircraft of the Russian Air Force, and is reported to be the ringleader of UAE Falcon smuggling through Kyrgyzstan’s Kant airbase. President Vladimir Putin's regime has 'gone quiet', and additional data on the assassination of General Dementyev is as elusive as the Great Void.

On November 11, 2004 President Vladimir Putin discussed with Kyrgyzstan’s President Akayev, the embarrassing problem of falcon smuggling through Kant airbase. Putin apologized, and President Akayev agreed to allow Russia’s continued occupation of the airbase on Kyrgyz territory. On November 13 President Akayev repeated his support for Russia's Kant airbase, despite the falcon smuggling scandal, during meetings with President Putin and St. Petersburg’s Governor Valentina Matvienko.

While the Russians are reluctant to speak openly, several of Kyrgyzstan’s Members of Parliament are attempting to cancel Russia’s contract and lease for the airbase. They are demanding a unilateral abrogation of Russia’s military presence in Kyrgyzstan, due to Russia’s use of Kyrgyzstan’s sovereign territory as a venue for black market smuggling.

Kyrgyzstan's case is significant, because it again represents government-to-government black market trade, financed and directed by United Arab Emirate sheikhs. After U.C.R.’s Evidentiary Exhibits were the basis for United Nations CITES trade sanctions imposed upon the U.A.E., it is tragic that eco-terrorism by UAE shaikhs continues unabated today.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have identified key U.N. officials who are now influenced to overlook treaty violations by government-sanctioned smugglers, so the United Nations is incapable of fulfilling it’s mandate. Please support U.C.R. with your donation and sign the petitions , to impose 'Pelly Amendment' trade sanctions against countries, businesses and enterprises that are directed by Gulf-sponsored smugglers.

Al-Qaeda’s training camps are like rudimentary 'boot camps' where raw recruits are terror-trained. More significantly, today's luxurious and remote falconry hunting camps hosted by royal sheikhs and princes from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, are al-Qaeda’s ‘Board Room’, where weapons, cars, cash and medical care is transferred to the world’s most dangerous terrorists. Pelly Amendment trade sanctions  are the best mechanism available to the United States, to shut down a major component of al-Qaeda’s operational infrastructure.

2003 10 14  Pure Propaganda:   Small-time smugglers are captured with a few illegally smuggled Houbara Bustards, while the ruling Sheikhs are free to continue smuggling with impunity:  This capture of a small-time smuggler’s Houbara is apparently intended to convince the West that the UAE is actually enforcing CITES international wildlife conservation laws.

How can the U.A.E. claim to “rehabilitate” only a few Houbara – when the ruling Sheikhs, ERWDA, NARC, CITES, and World Wildlife Fund officials residing in the UAE are smuggling thousands of Houbara Bustards into the country?

The U.A.E. itself admits over 7,000 Houbara Bustards (an ultra-conservative guesstimate) are smuggled into the U.A.E. each year – and Mohammed al-Bowardi is behind most of it.

The Houbara is a strictly protected, United Nations CITES Schedule I endangered species, yet thousands of these rare birds are smuggled, chased down in the center of their breeding territories, and then slaughtered each season by UAE and Saudi Arabian falconers.

2003 10 14  Extinction of the critically 'endangered' Houbara Bustard is imminent, while the UAE President Sheikh Khalifa secretly kills the last remnant populations of these birds:

In this extraordinary article, the U.A.E. acknowledges that 70% of the world's Houbara breed in Kazakhstan, and that in only the last four years 65% of the Bustards  have been completely wiped out.

WHAT THE U.A.E. DOES NOT ADMIT is that in October 2003 the Union for the Conservation of Raptors monitored the U.A.E. President Sheikh Khalifa secretly arriving in western Kazakhstan for a one month killing spree of these rare birds, with U.C.R. intelligence sources actually operating inside the Presidential hunting delegation.

The U.A.E. government has contracted to pay Kazakhstan's President Nazarbayev U.S. $50,000,000 over 10 years, to kill every last Houbara Bustard ... just for the entertainment of HRH Sheikh Khalifa. Each year President Nazarbayev mobilizes a 3000-man army to provide security, by surrounding Sheikh Khalifa's exclusive hunting territory for the entire month.

During this October 2003 one-month hunt, over 1,100 U.N. CITES 'Schedule I Endangered' Houbara Bustards were slaughtered by the same UAE royals ... who also direct UAE-based wildlife conservation organizations, including the WWF, ERWDA and NARC.

2002 04 25:  Propaganda mechanisms are now in place for the United Arab Emirates:  

In this article, the U.A.E. is putting a 'good face' on it's own smugglers, who are paid by the ruling sheikhs. E.R.W.D.A. is controlling and propagandizing  media disclosures in the U.A.E. – after U.C.R.’s disclosures were responsible for U.N. CITES trade sanctions imposed on the country on November 20, 2001 and later reinforced a 2nd time on March 18, 2002.

U.C.R. documented and reported to the F.B.I. and the United Nations, details on wildlife smuggling by U.A.E. political leaders.  Rather than punish ongoing criminal acts by U.A.E. Sheikhs engaged in U.N. C.I.T.E.S. treaty violations – the U.A.E. Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed , instructed Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed to take U.C.R. personnel as political prisoners in Abu Dhabi, and our staff were deported from the U.A.E. on March 12, 2002.

One of U.C.R.’s sources, Mr. Dawood al-Mahi – a reporter for the Khaleej Times newspaper – was also summarily deported.

After attempting to eliminate the free press and voices of dissent, E.R.W.D.A. embarked on this 'thought police' propaganda campaign shown here.

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